A Piece of Kemila's Mind

Many Ways to Do Many Things

It was such an ease to work with Victor. Some people have that aura. I felt it when we had a Skype consultation, where he told me what he was at crossroads. He’d had a successful career over the last twenty years making video games. But there was constant stress to meet aggressive deadlines, and he would work very intensively for stretches of time, only to be laid off when the projects were over.

This time, he started to hesitate. Should he go back to making games? He knew he could easily do so, although he had begun finding the work itself less fulfilling. Or should he do something new?

“If it’s something new, what would that be?” I was curious.

“Like design things.”

“Design what?”

“It could be 3-D product design. Jewelry design. 3-D software. There are many options. Also, I’d love to travel more.”

That was where the conflict arrived for Victor. Travelling and a nomad lifestyle had always been lingering in the background of his mind. But pursuing these new design ideas would require him to have a studio, meaning he’d be tied to one place.

Where to start? How to find the path? And how to align his life purpose? The more he was trying to figure these out, the more he became confused and stressed. Fearing to make wrong choices he ended up not making any choice.

“So, how would you like hypnotherapy to help you?” I asked Victor.

“I’m not too sure. I’d like some insights into my purpose and to see if I could get rid of some old programming. Or maybe past life regression is what I need. I’ve done Reiki and shamanism. I’m familiar with the spiritual part of your work.”

When Victor came in, he had already made a list. I like it when clients do their own homework. The clearer they are, the better they help me help them.

Victor wrote down on the intake form two points:

  • Get clear on goals
  • Remove blocks

Victor also shared with me the tightness he had felt in his throat. It was the federal election season, and everyone was talking about politics. Victor had his own opinions on the subject but felt a reticence about joining the conversations around him.

“I wonder if a past life has something to do with it?” he asked.

Victor made it clear that his goal was where to move next in this life. Thus, I didn’t want to set up the session as a past life regression. But as he was currently not working, he didn’t have a lot of spare money to spend on therapy. So, we decided to see how much we could pack into just one session. I had a feeling that he was a very aware and evolved being, so perhaps it would be possible to cover all of the things on his list.

“We will see how far we can go.” I decided to let his subconscious mind drive and I would flow with it.

As we began, Victor’s eyes closed the moment he comfortably stretched out on my recliner. He obviously didn’t need much of an induction to get into a hypnotic state. I went from there.

You are a video game maker, knowing how to design games. In some of your games, you may assign individuals personalities, traits, likes, dislikes, heights, weights, hair colours, educational levels, so on and so forth, until the personality takes on a life of its own. Anything you create, with which you infuse enough attention and consciousness, will take up life on its own. So, this one character lives, he loves, he struggles, he laughs, he emotes, he gets lost sometimes, and he fights at other times. In that game reality, or you may call it virtue reality, nevertheless, it is a reality, many times, the character may connect with you, the creator, for guidance.

What if this physical 3-D world in which you live is but a game? And your soul is that game designer? One can easily imagine reconnecting with him is the easiest way to access what’s in his plan, and what’s next. Yet, when you connect with him, he may say you are the pioneer. Your action is what’s taking the soul further, as you have a body, to take that action. The directions for actions are based on how you feel, so you know you are guided by the soul, whenever you feel that level of excitement when you take certain actions….

Victor went so deep that I simply counted from 5 to 0 and had him imagine number 0 opened up a doorway for him to step into an inner sanctuary.

Victor went to a mountain with trees and an ocean and beach in the far distance. There was no one else there. He felt content.

I asked Victor where he’d move if he needed to, “higher up the mountain? Down to the beach? Or sideways?”

“I want to go sideways.”

“Okay,” I echoed, noting with interest that there was no hesitation in his answer. Here it was an easy decision in regard to where to go. His mind was not confused in this place. I asked, “To the left, or right then?”

“Left.” Again, his response was clear, quick, and concise.

“How did you decide?” I couldn’t help but be curious.

“Just intuition.”

“How do you intuit?” Did he hear? Did he see? Or did he feel?

“I feel some warmth in my solar plexus.”

Warmth in the solar plexus. Brilliant, I thought. I made a note for future suggestions.

Victor walked himself to the left onto a trail. He came to see more pine trees, and green and brown grass. Further on he could smell dirt and dust, as it was getting to be drier and hotter.

“What else do you notice as you move along?” I had no idea where his subconscious mind was taking us or what was going to happen, if anything at all. But I had to probe.

“There is something there.”

“Yes, something there.” I like it when the subconscious mind does such a clear job, “Where is it? And what is it?”

“There is,” he paused, “a hawk!”

“A hawk! That’s right. What is the hawk doing there?”

“He’s just flying ahead of me.”

“Hawks can normally fly very high and fast. If after a while, he is still ahead of you with the same distance, it may mean he actually wants to be there with you. Do you feel that the hawk is guiding you somehow? You can telepathically communicate with the hawk and receive answers in your solar plexus area.”

The answer was a yes.

“Now what questions do you have for the hawk? Make them into yes and no questions.” Now that Victor had established how to receive answers, I wanted to utilize it.

“Is design a good choice for me next?” Victor didn’t want to waste time. He received a resounding yes.

“Where do I go for travel first?” Victor asked again. That was not a yes-no question, but I decided not to interfere. We had talked about Thailand earlier, so I suspected that would be the answer. How could a hawk know those answers better than himself, I wondered? But it often seems we need to project things outside of ourselves to be able to see and hear more clearly. I let Victor continue communicating with his hawk for a while, which later confirmed that it was his animal guide.

I don’t know if the hawk had anything in mind to show Victor. Out of a hunch, I decided to have the hawk guide him to a lifetime that “has something to do with the heavy energy and tightness in the throat” when it comes to expressing himself openly.

Victor went straight to a town square. Many people were gathering. And he was about to be hanged. Victor’s body tensed up on my recliner out of anxiety.

I quickly brought Victor to a time earlier that same day. He identified himself as an older male with white hair wearing a white shirt and dark pants. The reason for his execution was because he spoke up.

I brought Victor further back in time. He was working for the kingdom. He was part of a circle of twenty people who kept secrets for the king. It was the 13th century, possibly in what is now the UK. He felt something was not right. About five others in the circle felt the same way, but they didn’t want to do anything. His name started with ‘A’, but Victor was not able to tell me more about his name. We agreed that I was going to call him ‘A’ in that lifetime. Because of his unease, A eventually decided to let his conscience guide him. He spoke up, and wrote openly about the secrets, even though those five people who shared his unease didn’t want to do anything.

After knowing the reason for the execution, I instructed A to move quickly to “when it’s all over”. He found himself hovering above the hanged body.

“What happened to the body then?” I asked, realizing this was an opportunity for healing Victor’s throat.

“They let it hang there for a day, and then they burnt it somewhere else.”

Now that the body was burnt, I didn’t know what to say. “Do you feel you can move on now? Or do you still feel attached to this place?”

“Attached, as if I can’t let go. I want to know what happened as a result of my speaking out.”

“You can stay here a little longer. See what happened to those five people.”

“They just continued whatever they did. One or two eventually left the circle, but they were not in trouble.”

“What about the kingdom. There must be people whose lives were touched because you spoke up.”

“Life seemed to return to normal.” Victor was a little surprised that the death of the whistleblower didn’t make much a difference.

“Do you regret that you spoke up?”

“Yes. Otherwise I could still have been living, just like those five other people, who felt the same way I did but didn’t speak up.” One of them was identified as Victor’s father.

I decided to have him come back down into a different version of the same life, a parallel reality, where A did exactly what other five did, staying silent about the secrets.

“Yes, I live on, and have an ordinary life.”

“Go to the last day of this parallel version of the life of A.”

“I’m very old. I think I’m in southern France. On a balcony. There are other people around.”

“How do you feel?” I asked.

“Old.” He chuckled.

“Very soon, you’ll be taking your last breath. As you take your last breath, what’s the last thought that crosses your mind?”

“I feel regret.”

Oh, really? “What do you regret?”

“I should have told the secret and spoken up.”

So, either way, he’d regret it.

I had him release the body. We returned to his path in the mountain, where the hawk was still ahead of him. “Now telepathically communicate with the hawk, if both ways you ended up regretting, what would be an ideal solution for that life as A? Speak as if you are the hawk!”

“To speak the truth, anonymously.” The answer came very smoothly.

A creative solution, I thought to myself, just what Victor needed.

We thanked the hawk, and I gave Victor a suggestion that he’d communicate more with the hawk in his dreams. Victor went on into a much deeper state as I gave his subconscious mind the suggestion to find creative solutions in this life, so that he could have a fulfilling design work, and opportunities to travel. It doesn’t have to be either-or. It can be both-and, just like in A’s life, two versions of reality could become one, in a creative way.

Victor re-emerged feeling much lighter and brighter. With a smile on his face, he said, “As you were counting me up, I just knew it. There are so many ways to do so many things.”

I didn’t ask further. I was just happy that Victor had solutions for himself. After all, it was the journey that matters.

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