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“Many Blessings Will Come!”

afterlife blessings hypnotherapy sessionOne day a woman I will call Lindsay phoned me. She went straight ahead and booked an appointment without a single question. She just said she wanted to have a Life-Between-Lives hypnosis session with me.

I was left with some questions unanswered: Did she ever have a Past Life Regression before? Normally to go to an interlife regression, I’d use different methods for people who had had a Past Life Regression from those who hadn’t had. What are her expectations from a Life-Between-Lives hypnotherapy session? I had to completely trust the flow wherever it was going to take us.

Lindsay arrived on time in the evening. And opened herself up quite immediately. There were many deaths in her life and she really wanted to find out why. She had a miscarriage, lost a son when he was 2 and half, three years ago she lost another son when he was 20, three months ago her husband Doug died. At the age of 50, she is half retired as a nurse. Facing so many deaths, she started to question life.

As far as Past Life Regression went, she had some group regression sessions in her local library.

She brought questions to our session:
• Why are there so many deaths in my life?
• Why do I have to go through pain of losing children three times?
• Where do they go?

Lindsay has been spiritual all her life. She has always known death is not the ending. Even so, Lindsay missed her husband badly. “I know he is fine somewhere, but he is not tangible. I can’t see him hear him and touch him! Why do I have to go through the pain of losing?”

One thing that she is drawn to is Angel Cards. She just loves Angel Card reading and she normally does a good job reading for others. “Although,” she said, “I found it interesting. This morning thinking of coming here I was trying to pull an angel card, but I couldn’t, no matter how hard I tried.”

Brilliant, I thought. I told her, “I know why. Because you are supposed to do it here.” With that, I instructed her to close her eyes. In her mind’s eye, I asked her to bring up a deck of angel cards, shuffle them three times as she usually would do, and confidently pull one card out…

“Ah, it’s a goddess card.” Lindsay said in a pleased tone.

I intended to use whatever card she’d pull out as guidance to the realm Lindsay wished to visit. “What does the goddess say to you from the card?”

“She says, ‘Follow me!’”

“Do you trust her?”


“Even though you don’t know where she’d take you?”

“I’ll follow her… Now I’m going through yellow lights, pulsating… And she keeps looking back at me from time to time.”

“To check if you are still following?”


“It seems she cares very much.”

“Yes.” Lindsay had tears in her voice.

“Ask her what her name is.”

“Goddess Gwen… Gwendolyn… There are a lot of people looking at me now. They are curious. Some of them are flying.”

“Flying like you are now?”

“Yes. She asks me to hurry up… Now we get somewhere wider, more expanded. “ After a pause, “She says I have been here before. It was before, before I… was… born. Now we are going through the yellow light again. I feel light. Gwendolyn is showing me over there. A big building with pillars, we are going there.”

“Ask her what it is.”

“She says it’s kind of review of life or something.”

“Confirm with her. Could it be the preview of Lindsay’s life?”

“She says maybe… It’s not linear.” Lindsay went ahead describing how she walked up the stairs and entered the hall with a screen.

“Now you are standing in front of the screen. Are there other people, or just two of you?”

“Just two of us right now. She’s telling me about my choices.”

“What is showing on the screen right now?”

To Lindsay’s surprise, “A little girl. That is me! She’s very happy, playing with her brother, my brother Alfred.”

“What about that day that’s so important?”

“I was told Alfred was in my past life before. I don’t see him much now. He’s in California.”

“Is this a message of some sort related to him?”

“I was told it’s time to go and see him. It’s time to travel.” With that, Lindsay is going through the yellow pulsating light again.

Before I could form my next questions, Lindsay asked, “Can I ask her if I could go and see Doug?”

Doug was Lindsay’s deceased husband. “Yes. Ask her.”

After a pause, Lindsay said, “She doesn’t answer.”

“It’s rare that she doesn’t respond to you. Did she hear you?”

“She did turn around. And she says, ‘Come!’”

“Maybe there’s a surprise for you. Just follow her.”

“Right now the light is taking a shape… and it changes… into… a HEART!” Lindsay gasped, and burst into tears. “It’s Doug!”

“How does Doug appear to you now?”

Through tears, Lindsay is barely hearable, “He is young. Oh he is so handsome! He’s telling me many blessings will come.”

“Many blessings will come. Ask him if he can be more specific. “

“I have already done a lot, I’ve created a lot of things. Now it’s time to see blessings coming. And he’s telling me love is the answer.”

Doug was not like Lindsay at all when he was still physical. He was more “scientifically” oriented. Didn’t believe in afterlife. Death must be the end to everything. Now it felt interesting for Lindsay to know that, after three months, he was saying all of those. Lindsay asked him, “Where are you right now?”

The answer Lindsay got was that he’s in a healing centre. As for how long he was going to stay there, maybe another two months in earth time. After that, he’d just “Going fishing.”

Doug also told Lindsay that a good part of Rick, who died at 2 and half, has come back to be their son again, Mike. No wonder Mike always reminded Lindsay of Rick. There were more comments made about their children, their extended family, and what kind of person Mike likely will marry. Lindsay still has three surviving kids including Mike.

Doug was also urging Lindsay to go to California, taking Mike with her and paying for him. Other children could go, but they’d need to pay for themselves.

Doug saw Daniel, the son who died three years ago, a few times when he came to visit.

Lindsay took Doug’s hand. I asked her, “Does it feel real to you, when you take his hand?”

“Yes, it’s real. It feels real.”

“As real as being tangible?”

“Yes. I know he’s not physically here, but I’m here with him.”

I asked if Doug had gone through life review stage himself and if so what was the lesson in living the lifetime as Doug.

“Yes he has. And it was all about love. He was learning that there is no dying, so there is no need to fear it. He is now saying, ‘Don’t even worry about stuff. Don’t worry about what’s going on in the house. Don’t worry about setting goals. Take your time. Don’t rush into anything. Everything will work out.’”

Words continued to come out of Doug, who didn’t believe life after death a short while ago. Lindsay home cared Doug during his last days and that certainly made the transition much easier.

To Lindsay’s question, “Why there are so many deaths in my life”, Doug answered, “YOU have chosen all those experiences. I just came along. Now you forgot it.”

I asked Lindsay to be taken back to the screen, where she could watch how she chose this particular life with many deaths.

“In one lifetime experiencing many deaths accelerates the growth. I haven’t been reincarnated for a while. This life I chose to experience loss. I have forgotten what is about to lose in physical realm.”

More information was given regarding the death of Dan. It was to trigger a lot of awakening for young people. Now Dan appeared, and gave Lindsay a big hug, another outburst of tears for the reunion. Dan told Lindsay, “It’s different up here. It’s not like Earth. We fly wherever we want to go. We create whatever we want. Just think it, and we are there. You don’t need money. Everybody is rich. There is no religion. Physical life is like a play, a big theatre. Everyone plays roles. ”

To the question of where exactly they are – “We are right beside you. We can see you. We touch you, but you don’t see us. Sometimes you feel us there. We are at the same place as you are, but different dimensions. I go to school here. Even though I was majored in commerce, I am really into music now. You knew all of these too. You just need to remember it.

Compassion plays a big role this time in Lindsay’s life.

Many of Lindsay’s family members are in her soul group, which is quite big. They are teachers, teaching people how to remember their spiritual origin, and cultivating awareness. Even though sometimes people don’t appear to be listening, share anyways. The impact on them is still there.

If Doug can change, so can everybody, in time. And Doug continues to say, “Many blessings will come,” to Lindsay, to us.

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