His Regret Holding back the Lost Love

My first session is generally twenty minutes longer than the follow-up sessions because it takes some extra time to know someone, the conscious and the subconscious mind, to check their hypnotisability, and to do the initial trance work.

Occasionally I’d meet someone who can get the entire benefits of hypnotherapy in their first appointment for a much shorter time.

Marsha is such a person.

In the online intake form , she told me, “I feel like there is some sort of past trauma that I’m holding on to. I feel a lot of resistance to healing. It’s like there is something blocking me from moving on. I always feel heavy, like I’m carrying a lot of unnecessary things.”

And further, she continued, “It started in my early teens, maybe 12 or 13. I always felt like something was missing. I started to get a feeling of pointlessness in life. It gradually got worse as I got older. I began self-harming as well. I grew up as a shy kid with really catholic, controlling, and emotionally closed parents but my childhood was normal with no traumatic events.”

That read a little contradictory to the first part. I wondered what happened when Marsha was 12 or 13. Self-harm normally indicates childhood trauma. Maybe there was a trauma that she consciously couldn’t remember. I kept that in my mind.

Marsha was researching Past Life Regression online. That was when she found me. Reading through my website, she changed her interest to Spirit Release Therapy. At the end of the intake form, Marsha said, “I’m curious about spiritual attachment. I’ve always felt a presence my whole life and I’m not too sure if that means anything.”

I was not sure either. When Marsha came in, at 23 years old, she is petite and sweet. She clarified to me that the “presence” was not necessarily a malicious one. In fact, she felt certain love and comfort.

With the possibility of hidden childhood trauma in mind, I assured Marsha, “Allow your eyelids to feel comfortable, as you breathe life into yourself. Hypnosis is not a matter of eyelids, which means you don’t have to close your eyes for me. Your eyelids can choose however comfortable they want to be, open, or close, either way, you can go deep now. They will only close how and when they choose to, when they feel that much comfortable…”

After that initial induction, I decided to go with my Spirit Release protocol, “The session will go very well when you can quickly and easily describe any impressions, images, feelings, impulses, and physical sensations after I ask you a question. Whatever comes into emotional, physical, or mental awareness, in the form of visual images, thoughts, feelings, or words, just describe any scene or express any words as they come to mind.

I am really led by you. As you describe situations, I will ask questions that will bring up memories, thoughts, words, phrases, feelings, and emotions about that situation. I would like you to answer with the first thing that comes to mind. It might seem silly or trivial or meaningless to you at the moment. Please feel free to say it right out loud, even if it is foul language or anything else. It comes from your subconscious mind so it is important in the process. ”

That’s when Marsha’s eyelids start to close. I asked the subconscious mind to take us all the way to the event that was responsible for the self-harming behaviour.

Marsha went to 12 years old, sitting on the carpet in her bedroom. There was a male shadowy-like presence appearing in the mirror. It was confusing, as Marsha said she didn’t know him, but he seemed to know her.

Marsha started to feel emotional, but she couldn’t identify how much of the emotions were hers and how much was not.

I decided to speak directly with the presence through Marsha. He identified himself as Rob. He was 23 when Marsha was 12. They hadn’t met. Rob told me that he did heroin and accidentally died. With overwhelming fear, regret, and pain, he found Marsha and decided to not leave her and be left alone.

It turned out they had shared past lives as couples. This lifetime, was meant for them to meet and have a relationship when Marsha grew up, but Rob accidentally died, so he came to “stay” with Marsh ever since.

I told Rob the love story was touching, but the problem was that Marsha still had a body and he didn’t. Without a body, we couldn’t touch and smell and see therefore all he was doing was hindering Marsha, the one he loved, from living her own life.

Marsha said yes when I asked if she’d like him to leave.

But Rob said no to that. “I don’t want to be left alone.”

“Leaving Marsha alone doesn’t necessarily mean you will be left alone. You don’t have to go just because I ask you. I will let you decide. Would you consider the possibility of a better place where you won’t be alone?”

Rob curiously said yes.

“Alright then. Why don’t you stay where you are and look around, and above, tell me what you see?”


“How does it feel when you perceive light?”


“How do you feel when you feel warm?”


“What if the light is there for you, and warmth is there for you? Are there any beings in the light?”

“I feel love.”

“Great. That love is also there for you. Would you follow the light and love?”

Hesitantly, Rob nodded his head.

“Now before you go, I want to ask you. Marsha has been feeling longing in her life because she too knew she was going to meet you and have a couple-ship, but the accident happened. Now you are moving on. Is it alright for you that Marsha is going to live a full life with a partner?”

“Yes. It will be alright.”

I asked Rob to scan Marsha, as a usual SRT practice, to see if there was anything else in the system that doesn’t belong to Marsha.

“Something dark in the stomach.”

“Are you able to take it with you to the light?” Rob said yes. And I asked him to do so.

“Do you have final words for Marsha?”

“Take care of yourself and love yourself for me.”

With that, we said a final goodbye to Rob. After a few breaths, I brought Marsha back, and Marsha opened her eyes. The moment those eyes met mine, a big smile came up to her face.

It all made sense now. Marsha didn’t have much to say. The entire session was one hour. Sometimes when the timing is right, for the right person, at the right place, that’s all it takes, without years of therapy, as another client before Marsha had told me, another therapist saw her as being “too far gone” and encouraged her to take medication pills in order to live a happy and fulfilled life.

I wish Marsha to stay in that “neutral state” that she had asked for in her intake form, for the rest of her life.

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