From Priestess to Prostitute

In the deep profound dark-blue sky of my professional and personal memory, Minna is a precious gem sparkling like a star, just like her dark, deep and bright eyes.

When I first met Minna, it was a tradeshow event. We started to talk and she expressed her interest in a past life regression, hopefully to address her overwhelming experiences with anxiety.

We set up an appointment. When Minna came in, she said this burning curiosity of past lives has been with her for a while. We got to work without further ado.

On the opening scene, Minna says she wears socks on feet and a white dress. It’s daytime, outside. She’s in the mountain. Asked where she sleeps at night, she says she stays in a big house, many rooms, and everything is wood. It feels very calm here. I asked Minna to move to her own bedroom, she says she sleeps on futon (mattress) on the floor.

“Is there any mirror in this room?”


“Go and look at yourself.”

Minna describes herself as an Asian-looking, 17-year-old young girl.

I then instruct her to a dinnertime. There are nine people around the long table. Simple food. A priest sits on her right. She doesn’t feel completely comfortable with him. A young male sits cross her. His name is Kaneto, a friend.

The place is called Kirishima, Japan. The year is 1806. Her name is Anieko. She wants to use her hand to eat, but she is not allowed.

I ask Anieko to describe a typical day. She says there is a lot of cleaning. Besides that, she “plays on her own” – walking in nature and watching animals. Anieko’s father brought her there when she was only 3. She’d grow up in this temple and never see her family again. That was the first moment of feeling unwanted and abandoned.

Her friend Kaneto teaches courses to visitors in the temple.

Anieko is in training to be a priestess. She feels rebellious. She is always late. She likes to do things her own way, rather than the way they are set up, and she is fascinated by stories.

Asked to move forward in time to the next significant moment in this life, Anieko finds herself living in a village, as a prostitute, at the age of 28.

We have to move back to the incident that causes her leaving the temple. When Anieko is 19, she is sexually mature. She falls in love with Kaneto. They become secret lovers. But not for long. After they are discovered, people in the temple get mad at Anieko and cast her out.

Kaneto gets to stay, as they have invested so much with him, and he is the male, the “less evil” one.

With anger towards everybody, despair and resentment, Anieko leaves the temple, completely not knowing where to go. I remind her she used to like to talk with visitors. “Is it possible for you to ask for help?”

“No. I’m too proud.”

This is the second time in Anieko’s life that she feels abandoned and unwanted. She meets some nice people on her wandering. The feeling of unwanted haunts her and sense of pride keeps her moving, until she comes to the small village, hungry and cold. Someone takes her in, but “they don’t respect me. They just want to handle me aggressively.”

There seems to be so much pain that Minna is experiencing emotionally. In this village, Anieko loses freedom. Older people feel sorry for her. Yet younger people only want her body. They tell Anieko is worthless. There are other prostitutes in the same house. Tears fall down Minna’s face like spring…

Prostitution becomes her way of life. Until when she is “retired”.

At the age of 83, she finds herself living in a small house in the mountain alone. A day is full of walking and gardening. She has a daughter who comes to visit her from time to time. Looking back to the life she’s lived, Anieko says she’s very unfortunate. There were a lot of turning points in her life. Yet asked if she could do it again, she said she wouldn’t do it differently. With that insight, she starts to feel proud of herself.

I then asked if she ever missed Kaneto again, Anieko says “sometimes”. With that Kaneto was identified as Minna’s brother in this life. More tears pour down Minna’s face.

Anieko dies in her 80’s – “too old to count.” The daughter’s family is there.

“The door is open. The sun is bright. “ Very readily and peacefully, Anieko takes her last breath. Asked the last conscious thought, Anieko says, “I’m going to live an average life next time.” I was not sure if this is not Minna’s conscious interference.

When free of the body, the soul sees the trees. We neutralize the emotions. Then the soul goes to the light, where she meets her guide. The insight is gained as Minna’s anxiety was rooted in Anieko’s feeling of abandonment.

The afterlife broader perspective also gives Minna knowledge that the only way for Anieko to survive, as a child, was for her farther to give her to the temple. So the so-called abandonment became an act of love. Her father didn’t have a choice.

“Is Minna’s life the ‘average life’ that was intended by Anieko?” I asked.

“No.” The answer was given in a manner as if the soul doesn’t really entertain the idea of “average”. Further I was told that Minna is meant to be an emotional healer in 6 to 7 years. Going through the emotions she’ll gain the gift to be the caring, kind and compassionate emotional helper she is meant to be. Until then, she will continue to grow, speaking with Archangel Michael as a protector on the ongoing base, clearing many delusions.

“In the future, she will be fine. Continue to breathe.”

An email from Minna a few days after the session expressed “opening up my subconscious has miraculously allowed me to feel lighter and more collected”.

Yet I know Minna’s story doesn’t only belong to her. From priestess to prostitute to grace, isn’t this the rise and fall and rebirth of humanity?

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