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Finding Personal Power in a Small Life

A client of mine, Nancy, who comes to see me once in about three months booked her third session online. Her focus up till now has been on Past Life Regression, even though she has expressed her desire to work on her weight in the future.

Since Nancy’s visits are so infrequent, I let her decide the direction of each session. And she certainly comes in prepared. In this third session, Nancy told me specifically that she wanted to go to a past life so that she could get more “in touch with her personal power”, and release other’s expectations.

Nancy is very familiar with the past life regression process, and she is extremely easy to work with. In our first past life regression session, she just closed her eyes and focused on the anxiety. Then the rocks, creek and a lake appeared… We visited a lonely village male’s life in China (Nancy knows nothing about the Chinese language, but the man’s name she gave me, spelled as “Beihu”, I happened to recognize as “northern tiger” in its Chinese meaning.) On our second past life regression session, we visited a lifetime starting off as a “witch” but ending with living a “normal” life with marriage and kids. There is this healing capacity in Nancy even though in this current life she works as a paralegal.

Now this third session, Nancy wanted to focus on the personal power, before we started the hypnosis park, my mind wandered a little bit, a priest… maybe a priestess… a tribe leader… I knew I wouldn’t be surprised if such life came up with Nancy.

Nancy went to a female lifetime as Emina. She lived in a well-off family. Emina’s father had a business. Her mother, who was identified as Nancy’s grandma, was kind and gentle. It was somewhere between the 17th and 18th centuries. Emina had her servants. And a pet monkey kept her company.

This life had a very nice setting, from which I could almost see the possibility of “being in touch with the personal power”.

Surprisingly, however, there was no story.

Being in her twenties, Emina’s life was about receiving beauty treatments, studying maths, and reading stories.

In her thirties, her father was sick and then died, leaving to her mother the responsibility to run the household and business.

Emina didn’t go out, not even to town. Her mother went for all the shopping. “It’s a small life. But I like my books.” Emina told me.

Emina never met anyone. She was unmarried throughout her long life. “I don’t need that.”

It was an extremely detached life, but Emina had her very rich imagination and she didn’t claim anything missing.

Asked what this life was about, the old age Emina said, “It’s about the improvement of my mind.”

It seemed to be a genuine lifestyle choice – Maybe that was where “personal power” lay, the ability to choose for oneself, no matter how much it didn’t make sense to others.

Upon emerging, Nancy was as surprised as I was. I told Nancy, “More than half of the time, the story coming up in a past-life regression is not what we think it is. But then, it more or less has a point according to what we are exploring.” I then asked Nancy, “Can you see how Emina demonstrated her ‘personal power’ throughout her small life?”

“Yes, I can.” Still waking up to her normal awareness, Nancy said, absorbed in her thought.

I remembered at the beginning of our session, Nancy specifically said she wanted to release other people’s expectations of her, and the inner impression from others that says “your opinion doesn’t matter”. Maybe “power” means something completely different from the soul’s perspective. At one level, I almost felt apologetic to Nancy that the lifetime we went was so drama-less – like my client bought a ticket for a past life story, and I was not delivering a proper show.

But I think Nancy got what she came here for, from Emina.

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