A Piece of Kemila's Mind

Earth Angels Among Us

A massage therapist was my client, and she told a client of hers about me.

When Debbie first contacted me by phone, she emphasized she was not actively searching for any hypnotherapy treatment, but she heard good things about me from her massage therapist, so she’d like to set up a series of sessions with me.

Debbie had seen different hypnotherapists over 10 years ago dealing with some childhood traumas, and she said it was very effective.Earth Angel

So Debbie shows up. She appears to be very chic, well educated, like someone who could walk out of a scene in Sex and the City. Debbie is a teacher. Her pastime is shopping. Regardless what she said on the phone, she came in with a presenting issue: obsession with her skin; or, in her own words, “attacking my skin”.

Yet Debbie’s skin looks very beautiful. “That’s because I cover it up.” She says.

I have to say it’s a good cover up.

Debbie is a little guarded and somewhat intimidating in her manner. She’s a type of person who can easily make a new hypnotherapist nervous.

I am not. I relax. I stay with my breath. And I make sure I meet Debbie fully. We go to the subconscious cause of the “skin attack”, and what comes up is not surprising. We don’t attack what’s good. We only attack what’s bad. The cause has something to do with the childhood sexual trauma. While it was happening to her, the abuser also told her “she was bad”. Somewhere deep down, the grown-up Debbie is still believing it and running that inner script.

When Debbie comes back for the second session, I randomly ask what her spiritual outlook is. The answer to it generally gives me foundation for hypnotherapy work to be built on. If people were not sure what to say, I’d ask further, “What happens when the body dies?” The answer can open up ways for me to build their strength and confidence.

Debbie is hesitant. She seems afraid that I am going to judge her for her spirituality. She says she believes there is more to life than what meets the eye. “You may feel this is laughable, but sometimes my girlfriend and I talk about spirit… guides.” Her voice goes down and her tone goes up as she finishes the sentence.

Laughable? Like I’m going to laugh at you? I tell Debbie actually I have a course that I call Metaphysical Hypnosis teaching people how to contact their spirit guides. I slowly encourage her to speak more. Sensing my interest, Debbie gladly opens up. Now we are talking.

I tell Debbie actually hypnotherapy is an excellent tool to access metaphysical information including spirit guides, or past lives.

Gradually Debbie gets excited. She is not that guarded woman anymore. Barriers came down. We have certain recognition. And Debbie asks for a Past Life Regression.

She goes back to a life as a black woman named Maman, living in a village. She makes remedy for people who need medical help. There is this 11-year-old girl who is sick beyond hope. But the mother of the girl insists, “Give her something! Anything!”

The girl’s father is the chief of the village. Maman gives the girl “something” out of the request from the mother, the chief’s wife. The girl still dies.

The village thinks Maman is the evil made, and she kills the girl by giving her whatever she gave her. They decide to drown her in a pond. “All I did was trying to help” is the dying thought.

Upon death, two guides show up and speak through Debbie. It becomes obvious to me who Debbie is in her essence. She is a healer, a being of light, like many such beings, going through human incarnations with a lot of abuse and mis-identities. There is always a sense of innocence in them no matter how they appear to be in the world.

I can see it. I recognize her. I meet many such beings in my practice. I call them Earth Angels.

I can’t define it, like God, so many definitions that it’s just confusing, but I know it. They have certain innocence no matter how old their age is. They are imaginative, sparkly in their eyes, and they don’t age very much. Unfortunately they seem to have a lot of hardship at the beginning of their life. It’s as their angel self truly wants to “love the unlovable” even though it brings much difficulty in the physical mental and emotional life.

Upon emerging, Debbie looks at me. We meet each other in the eyes. And her soul knows that I know it, even though her mind is asking, “What do you mean by ‘Earth Angel’?”

“That is you, is it not? Does it not feel easier to simply accept it than to question it?”

Debbie’s eyes brighten up. She says no more. Unlike the first session, this time, she gives me a big hug when she leaves.

Earth angels among us, they can be any walks of life. They can be doing their life purpose, or getting lost, depressed. Meeting them in my practice makes me feel, again and again, the deep connection between me and me, and that I am not who I think I am.

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