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Did I Imagine Everything in Hypnosis Session?

I can’t remember how many times that, after a hypnosis session, my clients say, “That was interesting. I guess I just imagined it. “

“The past life regression scenes can’t be true. I must have read too many historical books.”

“I don’t know why I thought of the closet when you asked me to go to a special safe place. On the second thought, I should have gone to a beach, as I love beach, and had a lot of good times there.”

Scenes, visions, images come up during a hypnosis session. Some people immediately want to find the rationalization for it – reading too many historical books, or science fiction books, and having a wild imagination are among the most common rationalization.

Living this physical life, we navigate using our rationalization. Eventually we forget that the whole physical world is made of nothing but imagination. We are so conditioned to believe things have to be immediately explainable. If they can’t be explained, we must give it a label. We fall into this illusion that if we can label it, we then know it — She did that, it must mean she’s “selfish”. I don’t want to do this, I must be “lazy”. This disease is strange, let’s call it “Johnson”….

For those that seem to exist but still out of my ability to explain, let’s call them SUPERnature, PARAnormal, EXTRA-sensory perception, or METAphysics. And anything that’s perceived but can’t be proved must then be IMAGINED.

When people ask me, “did I just imagine it?” I often ask back, “What is imagination?”

It usually lands in an answer, “What is imagined is not real.”

Why can’t it be real even though it exists only in your mind for now?

But first, what you see in a hypnotherapy session may not simply be imagined, because if you can choose what to imagine, you probably wouldn’t imagine that – people generally agree on that one.

Second, even if things are imagined, we don’t have to downplay our God-giving, beautiful, wonderful, human imagination.

If what’s been imagined, will never or can never exist, what’s the purpose in imagining it?

Imagination is more than just the ability to generate new ideas. It is the power to give voice to an internal focus that keeps us centered amongst the most complex of circumstances. Mechanically, imagination is the conduit of communication between our physical mind and higher mind. If we could simply pay more attention to our imagination in our daily life, instead of news which is other people’s version of “reality”, in other words, other people’s imagination, we’d know much better ourselves and we’d function much better as a whole person.

For more information on “imagination in Past Life Regression”, visit the FAQ page on past life regression.

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