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A couple of weeks ago, I sent out a newsletter inviting people who could feel the resonance to have a deep dive with me. Such a session is 4-hours long. That gives us un-rushed time and space (as I’ll try to block the rest of my day to focus on you) to dive deep on a subject that is dear to your heart.

Below is my original newsletter. If you feel the resonance, please feel free to submit the application form. As long as the form is still up, I’m taking in new clients (or old clients in this new format).

Greetings from Cabo San Lucas!

I am down here, literally at the very tip of Baja Peninsula, for my birthday. It’s a unique birthday party with my dear partner, my darling sister, and some distant dolphins and whales.

Turning 55 is a miracle of sorts for me, if you understand when I was 17, I was so, so, so afraid of getting old (18-years-old would be too old for me back then.). And when I was 20, I thought by the time the new millennium came, with its Y-2k issue, that it would not be my problem because I would probably be fine to be dead since I’d be so old (the ripe old age of 31) by then.

The fear of getting old made me feel fine to die young, or so I thought, at a time when ten years seemed endlessly long.

Well, here I am, in a place that the wildest imagination of that 17- or 20-year-old me could not have imagined, mentally, emotionally, physically, or spiritually.

And speaking of spirituality, I have decided to dive deeper into it and, at the same time, help some of my clients dive deeper into it. Diving deep is something the mind is mostly afraid of, as the mind is more at ease with the breadth rather than the depth of existence. Therefore, I have decided to offer some intensive hypnotherapy sessions with a focus on spirituality. Such an intensive session takes 4 hours long. We’ll explore your spirituality, your awakening, and your self-realization. We’ll do so by not getting caught up on concepts, ideas, rituals, or formalities but exploring within you what’s there to explore, experience, and express through this time/space illusion we call “reality.”

Such an intensive session may contain past life regressions, life-between-lives regressions, future life progressions, soul retrievals and soul reconnections, de-hypnotization from beliefs, and the development of certain abilities to assist you on your journey. There is no structure to such an intensive session. I will tap into my intuition and our connection – my soul to yours – to facilitate such a session. When I schedule such an appointment, I will do my best to block the rest of my day to devote all my attention to you and you only on that day.

During my school years, I was never good at math. But I have always been able to see mathematical patterns. So, in the year of 2024, having a birthday on January 24, I am going to put the price tag of 24+24+0=$480 (You are not going to question my math) for such a spiritual intensive session with me. This is a $72 discount off my current session rate. I don’t know how long I’ll run this price until it goes up — I’ll let the mystery of life decide, which means it could be as long as a month or as short as a year.

Such a session is only suitable for people who take responsibility for their own lives, who are tired of seeking and tired of the identity of a “seeker.” If somehow you feel moved by this offer, please apply by filling out this intake form. I’ll do an initial screening. When I see where you are is a good fit for what this kind of session offers, I’ll send you an invoice and a calendar link to schedule the session with me.

Momentum matters, even in therapy. Regarding your spiritual growth, a four-hour session just might have a much more drastic impact than two two-hour sessions.

A 4-hour long intensive hypnotherapy session is also suitable for age regressions, past trauma work, or recalling hidden memories.

It’s 2024. Let yourself transform, and let me have the honour of witnessing it.


Kemila Zsange RCCH

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