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Can Hypnosis Help Me Discover Life in Future or Future Lives?

Hypnosis is a well-known tool for recovering memories in the past or past lives. Technically we call those Age Regression and Past Life Regression. It is not only great for revisiting and discovery, but also for insights and healing.

As many have said and scientists have proved, there is actually no time. Time is a concept that we live with for the convenience of the physical life. In reality, time is the measurement of movements through space (for example, the earth revolves on its axis; and the earth moves through space around the sun…). Mathematicians have written formulas to show that if we got into a spaceship and flew far enough fast enough, we could swing back around toward the earth and watch ourselves taking off. So it is easy to understand that we can actually “remember” our future, be it this life in future, or future lives. It has been for me, as a hypnotherapist, very easy to facilitate a client into future.

Unless it is specified by clients with specific points to address, when I guide a client into hypnotic exploration, I usually use general terms, so the marvelous sub-conscious can decide where to go, and what to explore, either age progression or future life progression. Wherever we land on, it never ceases to amaze me.

Generally speaking, the  futures which the clients see are bright and encouraging. Does that mean this is the only future they can have and everything is predestined? I don’t think so. What my clients see are probable futures. As they live moment by moment and make decision by decision, they move into whatever “future” they create each moment. What they see under hypnosis is one probability. Whether it’s “true” or not is not the point. The point is that they receive insights from what they see and have a certainty in moving towards a certain direction.

One client always wanted to move to a warmer climate. After clearly seeing himself so happy on a tropical island, he had no more hesitation and just moved. One client sees herself sharing a stage with Wayne Dyer and delivering her messages in Hawaii, she has more faith now on her path even though she doesn’t have a clue how that is going to happen. One client had fun travelling the world and making films out of her best selling books in the next few years – a life completely different from the one she was living, but hey, this is 2012 and anything is possible, is it not? The best part of the hypnosis session? We got the names of her bestsellers, and now all she needs is to write them!

One of the most exciting future life progression sessions is a client “remembered” a life that he lives 500 earth years from now on a planet called Patharian, where he can freely change genders, where people don’t work to live but live to create, where people travel on spaceship to other planets, where his house is a computer which has all the answers – news, weather forecast, transportation arrangements. That was great because whenever my client stumbled over a question, I encouraged him to ask the house, and I always got a precise answer instantly, like it was year 2741.572 according to their calendar, and the population on Patharian is 28,463,290. My client even received advice from the house on arthritis and insomnia in this life!

My client was bewildered by what he saw after he was re-emerged and attributed the visions to his rich imagination. We certainly have not  given our imagination engough credit that it really deserves, because my client applied the advice on arthritis and insomnia and it worked.

Should we let being “real or not” be our criteria?  What is real? If you can see it in your “imagination”, it is as real as being real gets. Age Progressions and Future Life Progressions, again and again, from different clients on different cases, I receive the same message: Suffering is our choice of playing the game of limitation, of which we are masters. Suffering is not necessary, but we are free to keep it – We are indeed free to do anything, and play any games we like to.

The point is? Realize it’s all a game that we call a life that we are playing. If you are curious of how to be your own creator of reality, hypnosis might offer you more than just a glimpse.

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    What a great blog. It sounds so interesting, to be able to see the future.

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