A Piece of Kemila's Mind

Awakening Warrior Within

One thing I love working with people doing past life regression is that the hypnotherapist may find the depth and height of herself in the work she does. It’s very rewarding, on the soul level. And it feels very good.

It all started seven months ago. I began to work with two women for past life regression therapy on Skype. They are co-workers and very good friends with each other, both in nursing field.

One of them I’ll call Dana. We had instant rapport on the first meeting. I felt complete ease and flow with her. She went to a lifetime where she was a very famous historical figure – Joan of Arc. She called herself Jeanne with French pronunciation.

I first learned the young heroin in my history book in high school – even in a country like China. Not only was her name in the history textbook, I remember clearly a graphic drawing of her waving an arm, holding a flag and leading the troop. I was never too good at history in high school, but I remembered that page in that textbook called “The World History”.

It was very interesting to hear the story of Joan from inside out with Dana, her perspective, her stubbornness, her fears, and her love… This high school heroin figure became alive in my regression work.

At the end of the session, we scheduled the next appointment, and I was saying good-bye to my client Dana. Somehow some words wanted to come out of me. I sensed it, and was trying to stop myself, but at the same time, they came out more quickly than I could stop. And before I knew it, I was saying, “I love you” to Dana.

Dana was least surprised, though I explained to her this was a very rare occurrence. As a therapist, I normally wouldn’t express myself that way to my first time client. I also explained that I tried to stop myself, but the urge to say it was stronger.

Thankfully Dana is a female, which made things a little easier.

Dana just smiled and we said good-bye.

I continued to work with Dana for a few more weeks. One of another famous historical figure from her past-life was Queen Elizabeth I – Can you imagine English Queen Elizabeth I is a reincarnation of French Joan of Arc? It almost feels like the history wants to make a joke, yet something about it does feel right – Both have the body of weak and feeble women, yet both have the heart and stomach of warriors.

In an interlife regression, Dana confirmed that she had about 1000 lifetimes. And that she and I had some connections in two of the lives that she saw, especially one in Egypt we were very close.

In another past life regression Dana reviewed she was a druid in 18th century Scotland. In that life, she practiced sorcerer. One young leader went with Romans as a sacrifice lamb to protect the brotherhood. That young leader was the reincarnation of her co-worker and friend Tracy, who had a past life regression with me and told me the same story from a different angle.

During that time working with both women, something in me started to wake up. I’ve been a teacher in this lifetime and I love teaching. Now I am a therapist and presumably a “healer”. In the archetypal soul’s journey, I had tried to see if I should identify my soul as a teacher or a healer, but neither could click nicely with my inner knowing.

During those weeks, I heard the voice, that I am a warrior.

The voice settles in. It feels so right deep inside me, even though I don’t have conscious explanations. And I always think war is stupid.

Working with Dana and Tracy somehow in some way confirms something in me.

Then one day some weeks ago, a good friend of mine Sue Pearson organized a psychic circle reading event with nine other women, conducted by Lucca Hallex. I’ve known Lucca for some years yet that was the first time I witnessed her work in action. She is very good at what she does.

There were group messages. And there were personal reading. When it came to me, Lucca was shown a past life personality of mine – a general in Korea. He is very tough, with others and himself, very black and white, strictly disciplined, extremely loyal to his king. The only thing he’d show soft side of himself was towards his dogs – small dogs in succession. He called them Pukki – different dogs, one name. While Lucca was saying what she saw, tears rolled down my cheeks. I know I react to the word discipline strongly, in this life. I guess that’s because I’ve explored it to an extreme in that general life. Lucca told me, “That’s why you never feel like going to that country in this life.” Which is true for me. I love traveling but never felt like going to Korea. Lucca was saying that’s also why I have problem with authority figures – I don’t take orders easily from authorities, especially male authorities.

Though I found myself pretty good at giving orders.

That same week, I had a new client, a veteran retired 5 years ago from army, where he served 14 years and went to the war. He is a very strong built. At the age 41, he was a little bored with the peaceful retired life. He wanted to see who he was in a past life. Hypnotizing him was very easy. I just gave him orders and he followed suit and dropped into a deep trance very easily within seconds.

Then this week, I had a session with Amy. Amy is my regular client, coming to see me every three or four weeks, working on social anxiety issue. She is 20 years old, a very brilliant girl with quite low self-esteem. Towards the end of this session, something voluntarily came to her awareness. She saw herself standing in an open field with grass and some trees. In the distance there was this castle that she had seen in her dreams before. I guided her to walk towards the castle. Amy was hesitant to go in, as she didn’t know what would happen. But the door opened itself for her. I promised her that my voice would go with her everywhere she went. She stepped in, and found herself in a hall with a lot of flowers and a mural of two angels. When I asked her if she was alone, she said there was this guy who for some reason looked like a gladiator, costume like out of a movie. He said he waited for a long time for her to arrive.

“Ask him why he is dressed this way.” I instructed Amy.

“He…ummmm…”Amy started to laugh, “He says he is Julius Caesar.”

“Julius Caesar… It seems you don’t believe him?”

“No. It can’t be. Julius Caesar is too famous to be here meeting me. I must have made it up.”

“Well, obviously you didn’t make it up. You don’t even believe him. How can you make up something that you instantly deny? Tell him, then, that you know this name, and that you don’t believe he is who he claims to be, and ask what this whole thing has to do with you as Amy?”

After a pause, Amy answered, “He’s saying that the reason why he is appearing is symbolism that I too am a war…ri…or?!” Amy is a little confused, and she ended the statement with a rising tone.

I felt being hit by something hard that moment. My head started to spin. This time it was my turn to pause.

After I recollected myself, I asked Amy, “Does this make sense to you?”

“Umm… somewhat…”

“So, does that mean you can trust him a little more now?”


“Excellent. With that trust, ask what he wants to tell you or show you being here today.”

“I keep getting the name Athena.”

“Athena. Whose name is that? A warrior fighting with him?”

“That was my name. But I was not really fighting with him, or fighting alongside him. He’s saying I’m his wife, but I don’t believe it.” Amy giggles.

“Could you pretend that you believe him for a moment, because you are in this castle today? Everything is already strange, isn’t it?”

“Okay. That’s right. I wouldn’t even come in if it wasn’t with your voice.”

“What does Athena have to do with this castle?”

“He’s saying that I helped building it.”

Athena did a lot of creative things in the castle, such as drawing. She’s very calm, loving and non-judgmental.

When asked if Julius Caesar will be in the life with Amy, the answer was yes, but not in person, it will be more like a guide.

I received confirmation from Julius Caesar that Kemila is a warrior soul. Amy and I were together in another life.

Caesar also confirmed that I’m a catalyst for Amy’s spiritual awakening, a term that was new for Amy.

Thinking back when Amy first contacted me, on my birthday, she presented herself as a scared young girl having anxiety thinking about going to a new school, little did we know then what was the real force behind the whole act.

And through all these months, bit-by-bit, I feel a big piece of me coming back. It’s been a long time. I now accept and embrace that warrior within, peacefully.

Out of every one hundred men, ten shouldn’t even be there, eighty are just targets, nine are the real fighters, and we are lucky to have them, for they make the battle. Ah, but the one, one is a warrior, and he will bring the others back.

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