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Another Type of Past Life Regression

This can happen either on purpose when doing a past life regression session, or in a spontaneous past life regression session, where neither the hypnotherapist nor the client intend to get into a past life scene. A person can be regressed directly to an immediate after death moment. In some cases they don’t even know that they are already dead.

When this happens, there is always confusion, both for the client and sometimes for the hypnotherapist, yet the hypnotic state can be deep enough for the client to describe exactly what comes to their awareness without conscious interference, even though consciously it may not make sense to them.

Samantha brought to our appointment her presenting issue – panic attacks and anxiety. They had always been with her, but got intensified as she was trying to have a baby.

As usual, I never initiate the concept of “past lives” to my clients. It was not until our third session that Samantha started to mention, almost in a negative way, that “past life stuff” couldn’t be true.

It alerted me. I find whenever a person initiates a subject; this person has a subconscious curiosity or even a fascination of it, regardless how the conscious mind may think and judge the subject.

Samantha admitted that she was fascinated by it, but was not sure whether she should believe in reincarnation or not.

“Or, more clearly,” Samantha added with a giggle, “Maybe I just don’t have a past life. Maybe this is my first life ever.”

Well, how can you not believe in reincarnation but say that this is your first lifetime?

It reminded me of some people who say that they don’t believe in God but are afraid of punishment from God.

On that, I said, “Well, the best way to know the unknown is to find out. Hypnosis is a very good tool to find it out. If you are open, we can explore it.”

Samantha didn’t jump into a “Yes”, but she didn’t say “No” either. We started the session.

Instead of a past life, I decided to take Samantha to her “inner sanctuary” and we’d flow from there, as this takes stress away from a person. Samantha’s inner subconscious mind took us to a “cool looking room” –

“There are two or three steps down… leather sofas, slightly dim, and there are bookshelves everywhere, wall-to-wall bookshelves. There is a big red blanket, right in front of me where the reading area is. There’s this very rich, beige and red carpet, like one of those Persian ones, but REALLY nice and classic. It’s actually like a scene from the 18th actually, but it makes me feel happy, warm, and cozy. Oh there’s this fireplace further. There’s no window, just a room. ”

What a rich inner sanctuary! I instructed, “Go through the books. Are they categorized? Or are they just random?”

“There are a lot of topics. Everything is in fine order, and visually appealing.”

“Are you familiar with all these books?”

“Yeah… There are classic tales, Jane Austin, Shakespeare, biographies, true crimes, even a teen section… ”

“Okay. Right now I’d like you to find a most comfortable sofa, chair or couch…”

“I’m lying there.” Samantha giggled again.

“Okay. You are lying there, in this cool comfortable cozy room. The fireplace is on. This room feels very warm, and you are surrounded by all the wall-to-wall shelves full of books. You didn’t know you were going to come to this room before you came here, did you?”


“And yet this room has been waiting for you all the time that you didn’t know the room existed. That’s how you can always trust your inner unconscious mind… Now you can continue on with that trust, lying here on the sofa. When you get even more relaxed in a moment, there is a corner, you will find over there, another shelf. It looks the same on the surface level, but when you really look into it, in a moment, when you go there, there’s this book about YOU, not you as Samantha, but YOU on a deeper soul’s identity. When you find and open that book, you may find yourself opening a magic book, as if you’ll see words, pictures or even motion pictures, or even 3-D motion pictures. You’ll be opening the book to a page, as if it shows you in another place, at another time, another you in anther body. Let me know when you are ready.” I used a covert way to see whether or not Samantha could get into a past life.

“Okay. I am ready.”

“Trust the inner knowing. Let me know when you find the book. The book is waiting for you. I have no idea if the book is thick or thin. You’ll intuitively find the book, take it to the table or desk, and intuitively open it to the right page. You’ll know when you know. The page will show you something that will represent some key to this life and the anxiety in this life as Samantha. Trust the process and your own inner mind.”

“I found the bookshelf. There aren’t many books. They are all different from the rest of the bookshelves.”

“Is there a book that speaks to you?”


“It’s a book that will have some significance to you as Samantha.”

“I feel particularly inclined to choose this 12×12 graphic book type.”

“Take it to the coffee table. You’ll flip through and the right page will open itself up for you.”

“The pages are all blank! Like all of them, blank!”

At this moment, I was about to agree to Samantha that this life might be her first lifetime on Earth. Samantha continued, “You know those old times, the yellowy book pages? The pages are like that. But they are blank! No line, nothing.”

It could be Samantha’s anxiety of past life regression itself that caused the “blankness”. I could accept that the pages were blank, but being old style of yellowy pages must mean something more than just the “blankness”. I said, “So maybe this book is not a book, but an unused notebook, waiting for you to write it?”

“This book itself must have existed for a while. I got this feeling… very weird, like this book is from the 1920’s, kind of… like that was the era that it came from, but there’s nothing in it. It doesn’t give me any indication about time and place.”

Being a past life regressionist, sometimes it feels like being a detective. Samantha might think there is nothing there, but “1920’s” meant a whole lot to me already.

“So there is nothing there, then how did you get the 1920’s?”

“If I place my hand on the page, I feel like 1920’s. Or the early 1900’s?”

“Very good. Close the page now. What’s on the cover?”

“It’s maroon. It’s got a kind of velvety feel to it. There’s nothing on the cover, just one full maroon book. I don’t know why that book spoke to me in the first place!”

“Maybe the book is coded? You just can’t read it with the naked eyes. Maybe only your energy can decode it. You can continue putting your hand on it, and as the book recognizes your energy, something will materialize. Maybe you have lived in the 20’s?”

“I think so.”

I felt we were getting somewhere. “As you continue to place your hand on the book, the book will eventually show you something… Maybe vaguely at first, and eventually, out of all the blankness, a shape, or a picture will start to take place… Whatever that is, you will know if it’s daytime or nighttime.”

“Middle of the day, it seems.”

“That’s right, middle of the day. Is this inside or outside?”


Bit by bit, from a corner of the blank page, information started to materialize. It’s Memphis in the United States. Stairs in the street, shopping area, like Yaletown setting in Vancouver, BC.

I had Samantha jump into the picture and become that person.

Brown boots, wearing a dress all the way down to her ankles, a cute hat, 19-year-old Sophia thought she looked ridiculous. And she found this formal dress too restricting (I could see that in Samantha, who had her hair dyed a light blue colour). It was 1921. Sophia was a maid. The young lady she worked for dressed her up to accompany her for shopping. The lady’s name was Jocelyn, the same age as Sophia. She was trying to make Sophia look like herself. “Oh well, she is very nice. She’s a very nice person. She dressed me that way because she didn’t want other people to look down upon me. But it’s not natural for me.” Sophia got a little emotional as she felt gratitude.

“What’s more natural for you then?”

“A more plain, more comfortable dress that I wear at home. This is so nice and uncomfortable. And I feel like a fake.”

“After this shopping is done, where do you go?”

“We have to go home. Her mother is expecting something.”

It turned out Jocelyn’s parents were receiving a young man who would potentially be her husband. Sophia immediately didn’t feel good about him.

“There’s something creepy about him.”

“But Jocelyn likes him?”

“Yes, he knows the right things to say in front of her. He smiles the right way. And he laughs at her jokes, even though they are not funny. She’s such a girly girl. She likes the attention, and lifestyle. She’s just taken it in, the attention. And he behaves like a gentleman, but something’s not right about him.”

I moved Sophia forward to see if they got married.


“What happened?”

“I don’t know!” Sophia was surprised. “She’s very sad. She’s 19 still.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t mind letting you know why.”

“The thing is that she doesn’t see me. She’s sitting there, she’s crying. She keeps saying ‘Sophia, Sophia, Sophia.’ I’m standing right there, but she doesn’t respond to me. Maybe I did something wrong?! Maybe she’s mad at me?!” There’s panic in Sophia’s voice.

For me, that’s an indication that Sophia had died, but she didn’t know it, or remember it. I moved Sophia to the moment when it was an answer to this.

“Oh dear!” Sophia gasped, “This is… Oh… kind of… He… he is in the kitchen. I’m in the kitchen. He’s trying… Oh… I try to push him away. He has a kitchen knife, a big one. He’s trying to threaten me. He tells me that I have to listen to him. Jocelyn values my opinion, and I can’t tell her anything bad about him.”

“What do you know about him that is bad?”

“He stole money.”

“He stole money from Jocelyn?”


“How did you know it?”

“I saw him do it. He took it out of the safe. I was taking her laundry up to her room… I don’t know where Jocelyn was, and I don’t even know why he’s in the house. There’s the safe that her dad keeps. And he’s taking out the money… He’s turning around. And I’m standing there in the doorway looking at him. But that makes sense now. He is not what he says he is. He is not right for her.”

“What happens next?”

“I ran away. And he chased me to the kitchen, and backed me to the sink.”

“What do you say to him?”

“I can’t say anything. I’m just shaking… Oh… it’s so terrifying.”

I thought I knew where those panic attacks of Samantha came from.

“It’s going to be over soon. What happens next?”

“The, the knife is right here, pointing right here.” Sophia pointed to the neck. “I’m so terrified. He’s so much taller and bigger than I. And Ah… I’ve never been so afraid in my life.”

“I know you are afraid, but this moment has a key to something.” As I saw the traumatic moment coming, “We’ll drift away from the book for now. Remember you jumped into the book? Let’s drift out of the book now. So you can know, in the book, did he kill Sophia or not?” I changed to the third person referring to Sophia.


“In that moment, with that knife?”

“Yes, he attacked her from behind, pushed her to the table, raped her, and killed her.”

“Now you know why Jocelyn couldn’t see Sophia when she was right in front of her?”

“Yeah.” Samantha signed.

The man escaped and disappeared. The household thought there was a robbery and the maid was killed. Jocelyn never knew why the boyfriend suddenly disappeared.

To Sophia’s surprise, Jocelyn cried more for losing Sophia than missing the guy. Sophia expressed the gratitude and appreciation to Jocelyn before she moved on.

And Samantha delightfully recognized that Jocelyn, in Samantha’s life, turns out to be her best friend Michelle.

Over a year later, I received an email from Samantha:

Hi Kemila.

This is Samantha. You worked with me last year as I was trying to have a baby, but had anxiety about being pregnant.

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help in helping me overcome my fears. Five months ago, I gave birth to a gorgeous baby girl 🙂

I wouldn’t have been able to do it without you, so from the bottom of my heart, thank you!! A thousand blessing to you!

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