A Love Story Unlike Any Other

Alexander Formos wrote his new book Eurydice in Love with great courage, honesty, and soulful clarity. Currently, I’m only on chapter III but I am enjoying his bold and unbelievable story-telling style through the pages. Reading the book provides a perfect little break in my office after seeing my clients and before heading home.

Alex Formos with his new book Eurydice in Love

Sitting in Greenhorn for lunch, Alex is proudly holding his fresh new book with a smile on his face.

It was unintended at the beginning when Alex came to see me for regression on one past life that was “haunting him for centuries”, but as Alex put it, “… we ended up exploring every one of my past lives.” He and I worked for over two years 2021-2023. Some of our past life regression materials have found their way waving into the stories in the book. It was so interesting for me to meet those personalities in our sessions, and to meet them again through the narratives of Alex’s writing. I can definitely tell those characters even though most of the names have been altered. But the book still provides me with fresh new and exciting story lines.

This book is about a journey across countries and continents in space, centuries and lifetimes in time, and incredible connections in depth. An atypical but perfect dark, evil and love story for this holiday season.

You can find and Alex’s book on Amazon.

To learn more about the author – a gentle soul but definitely a warrior – and the background of this book, you can visit Alexander Formo’s website.

Eurydice in Love Kemila Zsange

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