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A Hypnotic Journey: Out Of Body and Sirius Experience

Mark is a very bright young man. He booked five hypnosis sessions with me not because he has any problems to work on. He is into self-exploration. An accountant by profession, Mark loves music and DJ-ing. We did some past life regressions, one of which stood out – Robert was a banker in Oxford, England 80 years ago. Having lost his wife in a traffic accident, he also lost the heart to bring up his two young sons, so he gave them to his sister who lived far away in the countryside. He never saw them again. And he never really found life back again. Robert “existed” absent-mindedly for a couple more decades, and died lonely and emotionless.

Looking at the parallels between that life and this one, Mark realized this life is about bringing balance into people’s lives. We later did some dream state hypnotic exploration and future life progression. It brought Mark with more clarity, certainly and purpose.

On the last session, Mark asked if we could do some Out Of Body experiment. I said of course.

There are a lot of out-of-body experience (or OBE) hypnosis techniques. The one I often use is to feel energy body expanding and contracting. We do it several times until one can expand as big as a city, or a country, and contract as small as a tiny dot. This takes time. With Mark, as he has already built some trance muscles, we simply lifted up, and floated around.

The first thing he wanted to do is check out his two kids, who live with his ex wife, “They are playing at the front yard. They are fine.”

Then he said, “I wonder what my father is doing at this time.”

“Let’s go there.” I guided.

As I was saying, he is already there – his home country Venezuela. This is now evening time. “My father is watching TV. He sits in bed watching. He is wearing a blue golf shirt and beige pants. “ Things seem very clear to Mark.

“What is he watching on TV?” I asked.

“Some documentary like National Geographic. “

“Okay. What do you want to do now?”

“I guess I want to sit by him and watch with him for a while.”

That’s touchy. “Alright. Just do so, and let me know when you are done.”

After a while, Mark said he’s done.

I then asked where he wanted to explore next. And Mark said, “Somewhere I don’t know!”

I had to laugh. “I thought most places you don’t know.”

“Some other planet?” Mark showed excitement, “other solar systems?”

Sirius came to my mind. “Would you like to go to visit Sirius?”


“Alright. Let’s see what you can find there.”

Some pause later, Mark said, “I heard noises from ground. I don’t know what that means.”

“What kind of noise?”

Another pause… “I think it may be sound of rock formation. It’s nighttime. Very dark.”

“Do you feel intelligence there?”


“So communicate with them. See if you receive anything.”

“They didn’t respond.” After another long pause, Mark said, “I don’t feel they are physical, but it’s very peaceful here, very peaceful. It’s amazing.”

“Maybe you will find your future self there somehow?”

“I don’t know. I feel they are very friendly, very welcoming. I feel I do have some connection there… So do you! Yeah, you are out there!“ Mark raised his voice for the last sentence. He started to smile, “You have a very strong energy representative there.“

“How do you know?” I was hoping he could describe my future self to me.

“I sense it.” So long for the description.

“Do they have oceans?”

“I see water.” After a while, Mark said, “They are waiting for something big to happen. Maybe waiting is not the right word. Something big is about to happen. It’s very exciting.”

“Allow yourself to know what that is.”

“More connection. We are just part of it, earth connection. There’s an alliance.”

“With that, get a broader sense of your own purpose.”

“To help them, to speed up the process of the alliance. Part of it is to strengthen the awareness, such as writing, blogging, telling… Do whatever I can. And my personality helps. People can trust me easily.”

“Now the spirit of Emy (Mark’s girlfriend, who is also my client), can you find her representative there?”

After a long pause, “No. Maybe somewhere else, but not there.”

We talked more about the alliance. And Mark sensed that there are some other civilizations more primitive than earth. The way Mark tells is by the density and how isolated a place is. “Some just start to come out.” On earth, more and more people are coming to realize the connection. Mark also realized that he is part of it.

I really don’t know if Mark “traveled” that far to Sirius, or he just shifted the awareness, as sometimes, I feel the distance between me and the universe is just my eyelids.

I gave suggestions to Mark to have some different dreams to solidify this purpose, and brought Mark back to earth. We then explored the bottom of an ocean, which Mark found a whole new world on its own. There are more harmony and brighter colours in that world. I had Mark communicate with dolphins and whales, which Mark found, as intelligent beings, very patient with human’s progress.

The day after the session, Mark called, “I was thinking about calling my father today to verify what I saw in hypnosis session last night. Guess what? He called me and told me he had a dream about me last night. He said the dream was so real so vivid that he had to call me – He dreamed that I went quietly by his side and watched TV with him!”

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