Who Can Benefit from Past Life Regressions?

Everyone can benefit from a past-life regression. It will answer a lot of questions you may have about your present life.

Past life regression and life between lives regression may become the new therapy of the future.

For those who want to contextualize this lifetime experience, past life regression offers great opportunities for a broader perspective.

Past Life regression can help you heal physical illness, phobias, and emotional wounds.

It helps you understand your relationships.

It helps to give meaning to your reoccurring dreams.

It helps to satisfy your curiosity.

It helps to get over the fear of death. in her book, The Afterlife of Billy Fingers: How My Bad-Boy Brother Proved to Me There’s Life After Death, Annie Kagan wrote what her brother described to her what death felt like:

Voices, coming from inside the archway. They’re singing praise to me. This praise isn’t a vain thing. It’s praise for my soul that has made the human journey and praise for my return home. Memories, forgotten memories of my spiritual family, are waking up, beckoning me into the archway. Their song pulls me into the passageway and as I enter, the light in the archway obliterates my vision. The only thing that exists for me is the chorus of mystical voices. I do not see them; I only hear my tribe’s joyful singing welcoming me back, like Mahler’s Eighth.

Most of all, after a Past-Life Regression session, in different ways, shapes and forms, you may get closer to your own heart.

The experience of past lives has an effect on consciousness as well as to release some emotional repression. One of the greatest benefits of this regression technique is that it gives you the opportunity to feel what it’s like to be “someone else”. After remembering a few past lives you can’t help but realize that there is something, some part of you that is the same in all of the lives you have lived even though the outer characteristics of the personalities may be so different. This realization has benefits that other techniques cannot give you, at least not as quickly. You can clearly see that the parts of you that change are not the real you but there is a part of you that remains unchanged and it can be clearly experienced.

Everyone has past life memories, even if they don’t believe in reincarnation. In fact, an open mind means you don’t believe in anything. It’s whether you know or not. There are a lot of things that I don’t know. And it’s wonderful. I don’t believe in reincarnation, per se. That doesn’t stop me from being an excellent past life regressionist. We truly don’t need to believe in anything about life to have a wonderful experience in life.

Who were you in a Past life? What personal traits did you bring forward into your present life? Can’t explain some fears or phobias? Drawn to certain time periods or places? The answers may be found in a different lifetime. Call Kemila at 604-687-4325 to find answers to the questions you have, or to find questions to the answers you have. Schedule a Past Life Regression session with Kemila on her calendar directly below.