Have I Lived Before?

Have you ever traveled to someplace you’ve never been before and been overcome by feelings of déjà vu?

Do you have any irrational fears that you can’t seem to explain?

Are you wondering if you have a soul mate, and whether or not you’ll ever meet him or her?

These maybe related to events that happened in a past life. Past-life memories can be the key to unlocking the secret fears and motivations that may be hindering your progress in your current life.

As a hypnotherapist, I have regressed many people to their past lives. You don’t even need to Believe in pas-life or reincarnation to have past life memory recalls; in fact, often the best candidates are those who keep their mind open, not to believe in anything in this regard.

I have seen firsthand the dramatic effects that the events and traumas of the past can often carry over into a current lifetime. You may gain a new perspective on life and death, and a greater sense of your purpose in this life with the knowledge that you gain in past life regression.

You may read some of the case stories in the blog area to learn more about Past-Life Therapy through regression.

Every past lifetime will have their enlightenment, because of what you’re doing now.

~ Adamus ~

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