I Am a Love Magnet Attract the Right People

This is a Dual Induction Hypnosis Group Session.

Can you program yourself to attract the right people? This group hypnosis workshop is all about love. Rekindle the fire of love and gratitude – with enjoyable spa music and a unique dual-induction guided meditation from two Certified Clinical Hypnotherapists – Kemila and her colleague Peter Kennedy, to simultaneously address your conscious mind and subconscious mind. Feel the love and lovability within, and send it out into the universe!

Class location:
Stanley Court Room
West End Community Centre
870 Denman St., Vancouver, BC

Limited seating. Imagine having not only one but two experts on the subconscious mind take you simultaneously into a trance where you realign your conscious desires with your subconscious motivations, so that you KNOW from your own being that not only can love be easy, but you can also enjoy the journey.

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