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Workshops in Winter 2020

Past Life Regression Group session Hypnosis               Past Life Regression Group session Hypnosis

The above two classes are held at West End Community Centre at 870 Denman Street, Vancouver.

Depending on the year, season, and popularity, some of the classes come back more often than others. So check back often.

That was an awesome workshop today ! Much more than I ever expected. You always over-deliver, you know!

I wonder where your knowledge and wisdom come's definitely seems other worldly and absolutely insightful & thought provoking. I have been on the search for this.

Thanks. See you Thurs.

Turn Athletes into Hypnotists

August 2014, Great Urban Race final participants had to solve some challenges. It’s a race of physical strength and mental intelligence. One of the challenges was to learn how to hypnotize their team members within minutes. The hypnotist Kemila Zsange backed them up.