Make Change Easy with Hypnotherapy Sessions

We all know there is one thing that doesn’t change. That is change itself.

Throughout our lives, we actually all go through many changes. There is much we can do to stop it or manage it, but there is much we can do to choose our responses to it.

Change is subjective. You may go through a change that is traumatic but others may not relate to it the same way.

So, What is Change?

Change is going from one thing to another, to make or become different.

As David Bowie sang in his song “Changes”: Turn and face the strange … It’s the unknown.

Our reptilian mind, or the primitive mind, is the survival mind. It is the low end of the food chain. we no longer need to have that fear anymore, but we still have the primitive mind. So we protect our “identity” with the primitive mind.

Areas of Changes

1. Career: I remember I used to hate when people asked me, “What do you do?” I felt the answer I had to give – administrative assistant – couldn’t define who I was, but then I had no choice. The moment I told them that answer, people started looking at me as if it was my identity, which felt off as in my deep soul level I was not that. Luckily hypnotherapy found me. Now I couldn’t wait for people, say in a party, to ask, “what do you do?” It was indeed a very good change for me. But it was not easy when I first went through the change from an employee to self-employed.
2. Finances: Our financial situations change. Finance does not necessarily mean the net worth, or how much money you have in the bank.
3. Loss of a loved one.
4. Relationship stats: single to couple, couple to single
5. Physical body: dramatic changes, weight gain or loss, or illness.
6. Physical environment: Selling a house. Moving to another city or country.

What would be Our Resistances to Change?

1. Homeostasis: Change threatens the known. In the body we have the system to regulate the body temperature, to keep it at a certain ranges, to keep the emotional system for familiarity, and the multiple identities we have. To break that our subconscious mind can rebel. To succeed at anything you have to make the unfamiliar familiar and the familiar unfamiliar.
2. Fear of the unknown: what’s behind the door #3? We are fearful of the unknown, as we feel it means loss of control. Even though the unknown can be great, we don’t want to step into it.
3. Letting go: To move forward, we have to leave something behind, yet if whatever that’s meant to be released is somehow still “connected” with us, we experience the pain of letting go.
4. Not capable: You may fear you do not have the resource for the new. Or you have not tapped into the confidence, not trusting you can deal with the change.
5. Afraid to change the identity: People know me as this identity; therefore I’m not willing to let go of this identity.

How Can Hypnotherapy Help You Dealing with Change?

Some of the tools we do in a hypnotherapy session may include the following methods:

1. Help you find a stabilizer: In our discussion, we help you find one thing that can be the stabilizer. For example, when I first moved from China to Canada, going to Chinese New Year celebrations has helped me ease the overwhelming feeling. Even it was as simple as making dumplings with a group of other newcomers. The gatherings served as a stabilizer. The same goes for career change and relationship change.
2. Reorientation and refocusing: If the universe is friendly, find three legitimate reasons why this change is happening. Let the meditation begin, in hypnosis, so that you can choose to focus on the positive side of the change.
3. Venting: The hypnotherapy room is a safe space to allow you to experience your true emotions. It’s as if finding a guest house for your emotions. Then in hypnosis we help you move the emotions through the body, and vent it out.
4. Ego strengthening: When our identity threatened, we start to play small, for fear of failure and success. There are hypnosis techniques to allow you to feel their inner strength. You may be guided to a special place, a comfortable environment… where you receive a treasure chest. Inside the box, is something that is going to help you with the change.
5. Systematic Desensitization
6. Anchor in new positive change. Find a peak moment, and anchor in change.

Scientifically the faster you adapt to change, the longer you live.

Time may change me
But I can’t trace time

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Discover for yourself how you can use your inner creative abilities to overcome and transform obstacles and limitations and to realize your goals in joy and freedom.
  1. Strengthening Self-Confidence
  2. Motivation v.s. Procrastination
  3. Poor Self-Image
  4. Reduce Stress
  5. Overcome Anxiety
  6. Assertiveness
  7. Worry
  8. Guilt
  9. Forgiveness & Self-Forgiveness
  10. Stubborn
  11. Anger Isssues
  12. Frustration
  13. IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome )
  14. Social Phobia
  15. Sales Performance
  16. Passive-Aggressive
  17. Stop Blushing
  18. Concentration
  19. Mental Focus
  20. Reach Goals
  21. Shyness
  22. Change Habits
  23. Attitude Adjustment
  24. Career Success
  25. Chronic Fatigue (ME)
  26. Relationship and Couple Hypnosis Therapy
  27. Relaxation
  28. Nausea
  29. Surgical Recovery
  30. Childhood Sexual Abuse
  31. Gambling
  32. Memory Recall
  33. Creativity
  34. Writer's Block
  35. Self-Expression
  36. Lack of Initiative
  37. Allergies
  38. Overly Critical
  39. Negativism
  40. Grieving and Mourning
  41. Weight Loss
  42. Substance Abuse
  43. Addictions
  44. Irrational Fears or Phobias
  45. Inner Child Work
  46. Insomnia
  47. Career Path
  48. Sports Enhancement
  49. Fear of School
  50. Fear of Dentist
  51. Fear of Doctor
  52. Fear of Surgery
  53. Soul Retrieval
  54. Past Life Regression
  55. Contact Spirit Guides
  56. Access Higher Self
  57. Out of Body Experience (OBE)
  58. Automatic Writing
  59. Spirit Attachment Release
  60. Obsessive-Compulsive (OCD)
  61. Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD)
  62. Eating Disorders
  63. Cravings
  64. Compulsive Eating
  65. Communication with the Deceased
  66. Ruminating and Overthinking
  67. Insecurity in Relationships
  68. Child Birth
  69. Future Life Progression
  70. Fear of Flying
  71. Fear of Heights
  72. Fear of Water
  73. Depression
  74. Pain Management & Pain Control
  75. Fear of Rejection
  76. Hypnosis for Business
  77. Irritability
  78. Pessimism
  79. Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) or Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)
  80. Performance Anxiety
  81. Panic Attacks
  82. Obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  83. Road Rage
  84. Self-Awareness
  85. Aggression
  86. Stop Smoking
  87. Overcome Fear of Public Speaking
  88. Break through limitations
  89. Moodiness
  90. Sleep Disorders
  91. Age Regression
  92. Sexual Problems
  93. Irrational thoughts
  94. Lack of Enthusiasm
  95. Lack of Direction
  96. Ulcers
  97. Helplessness and Hopelessness
  98. Pregnancy and Childbirth
  99. Infertility
  100. Money and Financial Success
  101. Bed Wetting
  102. Perfectionism
  103. Trauma and PTSD
  104. Stuttering
  105. Abandonment
  106. Problem Solving
  107. Hypertension (Lower Blood Pressure)
  108. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)
  109. Deal with Changes
  110. Shy Bladder
  111. Nail Biting (Body Focused Repetitive Behaviours)
  112. Thumb Sucking (BFRB)
  113. ET Abduction and Encounter
  114. Discouraged
  115. Fear of Loss of Control
  116. Fear of Failure
  117. Fear of Success
  118. Lack of Ambition
  119. Self-Control
  120. Inferiority
  121. Superiority
  122. Jealousy
  123. Self-Criticism & Self-Defeating Behaviors
  124. Shame
  125. Dilemma and Indecisiveness
  126. Resistance to Change
  127. Self-Hypnosis
  128. Restlessness
  129. Sadness
  130. Insecurity
  131. Mistrust
  132. Victimization
  133. Summer Depression
  134. Maintain Posture & Improve Body Language
  135. Presurgical
  136. Postsurgical
  137. Hoarding Disorder
  138. Gagging
  139. Dreams
  140. Nightmares / Night terrors
  141. Headaches
  142. Death or Loss
  143. Fear of Death
  144. Learn a New skill
  145. Assist Healing
  146. Self-Mastery