Hypnotherapy for Fertility

Study shows one in four couples suffers with infertility living this fast paced, stressful lifestyle.

Like any tool which can serve double duty, the home pregnancy test has probably conveniently added to the mix of the stress.

“In earlier days, as little as a few decades ago, a woman was instructed to not even make a doctor appointment when she thought she might be pregnant, until after her 2nd missed period. This was good advice when one considers that one in 3 pregnancies ends in miscarriage during the first trimester. This is because nature, in its infinite wisdom, will terminate most pregnancies that are not creating the perfect new little human. It is survival of the fittest to ensure viable, healthy pregnancies. So in the past, if a woman suspected she might be pregnant, her appointment was scheduled enough in advance that when she was “late” and did get her period a few days or a few weeks later, she would just think that she was “late” getting her period and did not think anything of it. Now however, women can take a home pregnancy test literally within a day of conceiving and learn that they are pregnant thus forming an attachment to the unborn child and then feeling devastated at the loss when nature does what it does best which is to insure a healthy mother and healthy baby. Not only is the mother dealt an emotional blow that never existed before the home pregnancy test was invented, but now, because of early detection, the medical community seems to be cashing in by making the mother feel that there is a problem where none would have existed 35 years ago.”

– Teresa van Zeller

What Does Mindset Have to Do with Fertility?

Actually mindset has everything to do with our life. It certainly has a lot to do with fertility.
The most important “rule of the mind” is that whether you focus on what you want or what you don’t want, all you will get is more of what you are focusing on, more quickly with intensity. A positive focus, which says “This is what I want.” and a negative focus, which says, “This is what I don’t want.” are both focuses. One always gets what they focus on whether it is what they want or don’t want.

For a woman who wants more than anything to be carrying a child, the one indication she knows as a sure thing is not getting her period. From the day she started menstruating as a young girl, her life revolves around her cycle. Before she is ready to have a baby, her monthly “visitor” is a constant reassurance that everything is right in her world. And then, when she is pregnant, she knows because her period does not arrive. So when a woman wants to have a child, her one thought is “I hope I don’t get my period.” And when she desperately wants to get pregnant, her thought escalates to “I HOPE I DON’T GET MY PERIOD” or “PLEASE DON’T GET MY PERIOD”, etc, etc. And whether a woman focuses on what she wants or what she doesn’t want, all she gets is what she focuses on.

So the first step in preparing for pregnancy is to understand that from this moment on, your period or lack of your period is merely an indication of whether a baby is being nourished or if next month might be better timing for whatever the reason may be.

That is a mindset shift.

How Does Hypnotherapy Help a Client for Fertility?

First, hypnosis introduces the much needed relaxation of the body and mind. In a relaxed state, with the help of a skilled hypnotherapist, it is much easier to have the shift happen in the mind; therefore you stop “trying” to get pregnant.

Wouldn’t you agree that it is the best case when a new child is the natural result of love making? When a man and woman focus on how much they enjoy each other, loving and caring for each other, pregnancy is a fruit of it, stress free.

There are reasons that have brought a couple together in the first place, the emotional and physical pleasure, bonding and intimacy. With the help of hypnotherapy, a couple can enjoy as much sex as they would like stress free, without focusing on the purpose of conceiving a child.

That is followed by some beautiful hypnosis imagery, where you can go inside with your special tool belt and do a complete body scan, allowing you the time to rejuvenate, replenish, build up, break down, refurbish, energize everything and anything that needed tending to making sure when everything in your body is perfect, for your optimal health and well being.

Then in hypnosis, you can go to your uterus and set it up, not from a clinical standpoint but the way it would be set up as a nursery, to the perfect environment to nurture a baby. You will be guided to complete with a comfy car seat to secure your baby to full term.

A new baby is a new life. Based on your belief system, we can call upon the higher power, or higher self to bring this new spirit that had been waiting for the perfect time to come into your life, in a safe, protective healing energy, that would allow conception to take place.

Imagine following this new little being along its path until reaching its interim residence inside the nursery where he or she would be loved and nurtured for the next nine months secure and protected until just the right moment, not a minute too soon nor a minute too late, and then at just the right moment, when the universe saw fit, to bring this beautiful healthy child into your arms.

There is no infertile nursery. Do you know some American Indians in the Southwest grow vegetables in the desert sands? The soil, from an objective standpoint, is completely infertile. If you just threw a handful of seeds into that earth, nothing would grow. But the Indians have been cultivating that soil for generations.

How do they do that? They have a deep connection to that earth and they care for it, to the point that it is sacred ground. And because of that their plants grow. Call that magical, or natural. The attitude of nourishment towards your environment, outer or inner, will bring what you desire. This idea, is it not conceivable?

Now it is your time to conceive. Call Kemila at 604-687-4325 to book your first appointment for hypnotherapy for fertility.

Dear Kemila,

Hope you’re doing well and your trip was fantastic. 🙂

I have some good news. I found out I was pregnant in September. :)) My husband and I are very happy. It was “unplanned” and I finally got ‘unstuck’!! And I’ve a feeling I conceived very soon after our last therapy session. Thank you for all your help.

Thanks again for everything. Hope to hear from you soon.



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