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Stop Feeling Responsible for Unconscious Process

BlushingA new client came to see me for blushing. This habit had plagued her for some years. Whenever she needed to speak in front of a group, big or small, her face went red. And as with a lot of anxiety issues, the more she realized her face going red, the more embarrassed she felt, and the redder the face went.

The first thing we worked on was the secondary level, feeling embarrassed about blushing. Through hypnosis, we made it okay to blush, and I gave her the suggestion to be cool about blushing. It is better than sickly colourless. Later we worked in depth on what exactly the unconscious mind was communicating with her by turning the face red.

It is amazing how people feel consciously responsible for stuff that is actually generated by their unconscious mind. The embarrassment is the conscious mind trying to feel it needs to control the situation when the situation is caused unconsciously which means they cannot control the way conscious mind thinks. For example, I can have much more conscious control over whether I speak rudely to someone, which means I can take the responsibility, than whether I blush or hiccup or blink, which I can’t be responsible for.

Learn the difference between your conscious and unconscious processes. For conscious stuff, you take responsibility, but unconscious stuff has nothing to do with your conscious mind. So you can feel cool about the fact you blush.

It is the unconscious mind that produces the blood changes that lead to blushing, not the conscious mind. So really how much responsibility can you feel for it?

Sometimes we turn our life unnecessarily more difficult because we think we are responsible for what we can’t be responsible for. If your dog barks at a kindly stranger, of course you can apologize for it, but you really don’t need to feel bad because it’s your dog, not you, that barked.

The same is true for you not to feel bad about some of the thoughts you think. It’s impossible to want to be responsible for all the thoughts that go through your mind, because most of the time, the thoughts think you, you don’t even think those thoughts.

Up to 95 percent of the thoughts in your mind are not really yours. They have come from somewhere else – other people, mass consciousness, aspects, etc. Your responsibility is not to be responsive for those thoughts, but to discern which ones to believe therefore to choose and let the rest go. There is no need to manage the thoughts, and worse yet battle with them. They are not yours to manage, and you cannot make those thoughts “better” by working on them. The thoughts appear to occur in your mind, but they were not yours. So the best is to let them go without believing them, or fighting them.

The only thing that is your is what you choose. Let everything else go.

So your only responsibility is the discernment, not the thoughts themselves.

When you believe a thought automatically without discernment, you fall into hypnosis. Only when you consciously CHOOSE what to keep as yours do you un-hypnotize yourself. You are not really your past. You are not part of the collective consciousness unless you consciously choose to be.

You are not responsible for the thoughts that you don’t produce. And you don’t have to carry the burden of humanity on your shoulders. Un-hypnotize yourself from those hypnotic burdens so that you can start living each day with awareness of what’s yours, and what’s not (even though those thoughts appear in your mind). If thoughts of lack, disease, low self-worth, confusion and depression come in, ask yourself, “Do I choose these?” If not, let them go. They are not yours, no matter how much they appear to be. You can’t take responsibility for what’s not chosen by you.

Choose who you are, and let everything else go. If blush happens, know that it’s okay, even though it may not be what you prefer. You are alive, and you have an unconscious mind that may have a different opinion about what you are thinking or hiding in that moment when the blush happens. It’s a great intelligence of your body function so that you can come more aligned with your truth, through blushing. It is exciting to have an opportunity to find more of yourself.

It takes no effort or energy to be free. It just takes conscious choice. Remember to smile when you blush. You can look great.

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