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Key Tips On How To Improve Your Employees Mental Health At Work

There are 120 hours of a standard 5-day workweek, and most people spend more than 40 hours of it at preparing for or at work. This means that for five or even six days a week, a person spends more than a third of his/her day at preparing for work and at work. This is why, as an employer, you should make it part of your responsibilities to check your employees’ mental health while at work. Whether you have only one person or a large number of people working with you, you need to make sure that your employees are happy at work. If you don’t know how to do this, read on and learn the key tips on how to improve your employees’ mental health at work.

  1. Give them something new

One of the most tiring feelings is to do something over and over again. Some people feel like dying each day while working on the same job for years. So, how can you remedy this? Let your employees do something new every chance you can get. Don’t be afraid to make your employees try new things, even if it comes with risk. 

New things you can let your employees try:

  • Additional responsibility at work

Try giving a fun responsibility such as decorating the office or showing interns how to do things.

  • Different position at work

Every once in awhile, let them try doing one of their co-worker’s job. This can help cut off the monotony of their career while also allowing them to appreciate their co-worker.

  • Train them for something new

Every once in a while, you can conduct trainings for your employees. Training such as Basic Occupational Safety and Health (BOSH) is both useful and may be interesting. 

  1. Make them feel at home

If you give an effort to make your employees feel at home at work, they’ll feel a little more personally connected at work. They’ll feel more connected to your company and will look forward to going to work every day.

How to make your employees feel at home:

  • Celebrate Birthdays

You can buy a cake or two and have a couple of minutes reserved for an employee’s birthday. Let your other employees sing him/her a birthday song, greet him/her, and congratulate him/her.

  • Let them take a nap or two at work

There are times that people will feel drowsiness at work, especially if the day is slow. Let them take short naps at work, and if you can, designate a place dedicated for nap breaks. Make sure that these naps are scheduled and not excessive.

  • Create a comfortable environment

Adding small comforts can go a long way to make them feel at home at work. You can add a water cooler, toothpick dispenser in the lunchroom, or a coffee machine.

  1. Let them feel empowered

Show your employees the bigger picture; let them know that they’re part of the bigger picture. They should understand that everything they know and whatever they do have a positive impact to the company. With this, they’ll find meaning in what they do and will be able to feel that their every action, no matter how small, is part of something bigger. 

Ways to empower your employees:

  • Leave your office door open to them

You should let your employees know that their opinions are important to you, that you’re always open to hearing what they say.

  • Be flexible

You should let your employees feel that their personal lives don’t have to be second to their work. You can let your employees leave early from work to be able to spend time with their spouse during their wedding anniversary or attend their kid’s piano recital.

  • Inspire them to be creative

Let them help solve your company’s problems, or think of better ways to accomplish a goal. Make them feel challenged and give them a chance to conquer it.

  1. Build a relationship with your employees

Get to know your employees on a personal level. Show them that you don’t just see them as working bees to help you reel in money. Treat your employees with respect and dignity like an equal, not someone who you think is lower than you.

How to build a relationship with your employees:

  • Don’t act like a boss

The difference between a boss and a leader is how they treat people who work for them. Be someone who takes time to greet his/her employees “hello” when you pass by them; or be someone who has time to have small talks with employees from time to time.

  • Dress like your employees

It’s understandable that from time to time you should wear corporate attire. But if it’s an ordinary workday, wear what your employees wear. You can wear jeans, shirt, and work shoes.

  • Learn what your employees do

Every once in a while, work with your employees hand in hand. You can try learning what they do and do it with them. This will show that you value their work, no matter what their job is.

Your employees are the building blocks of your empire, and they’re the ones who help you push it forward. It should be your top priority to keep them happy, well-functioning, and mentally stable individuals. You should know that mentally stable employees are employees who can contribute to the welfare of your company.

Ensuring that your employees are also safe while working is also important. To know more about personal injuries and how it can affect your employees, you may click here.

Lea Taylor is a law writer who spends much of her time writing pieces on law topics for the common reader. Lea is the resident comedian of the office, often cracking jokes to lighten the mood. She always has a delightful story to make everyone smile.

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