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Earth, the Haunted House Experience

haunted house halloween Kemila's BlogThese thoughts have been in my mind for a while, now that we are approaching Halloween, the time is just right to let these thoughts out.

It is funny that we earth people think living humans are the real “living” ones, those in spirit are “dead”. Therefore afterlife for us is like a haunting experience.

Yet from the spirit perspective, which is more long-lasting really, the whole earth experience is like a haunting house trip, for generations and lifetimes.

Humans have a vast and powerful imagination which gives us the ability to dim our light, or even turn out the light completely, coming down to live the physical life, so that we can play out in darkness and play out the idea of limitation, lack, struggle and effort. This is like playing around on the Earth in a “haunted house” of our own creation, bouncing off of “scary little creatures” in what for many of us is a “hall of horrors.”

Coming from spirit, we can’t really turn out our light. It’s like there is nothing we can do to stop the sun from shining, but we can create clouds to block the sunshine.

So what we do is to create concepts, ideas, opinions, beliefs and thought patterns as clouds blocking the real true intelligence that is our light. Living under the perpetual overcast we may never get a chance to know the sun, even though the sun is always there, shining. We are so creative that we create the idea thus the experience of it.

For eons, we have created the world to see how “dark” we could be, to see how far we could move away from our true nature, simply in terms of how we experience ourselves. Again we are never actually “dark,” never actually disconnected from our actual expansive knowledge and understanding.

The sun may actually have a great fun shining light on the top of the clouds instead of shining on the land beneath them. Similarly the spirit may find great joy in realizing how “that which is” can explore and create itself in ways that are so distant and so removed from the light, and still have the determination, motivation, and endurance to propel ourselves to keep moving from one life to the next, from one generation to the next, and play over and over again with this very deep and detached darkness that Earth humans have been involved with for so long.

That was how truly “darkness” ever came into “existence”, by blocking and pretending. In that sense, darkness is never less-than or non-holy. It is not evil. In fact, the darkness, as our creation, is another side of the same thing that is our divinity. Many generations and lifetimes later, we may have forgotten that we came down for this field trip of haunted house for the fun of it, like that we have created Halloween to be a fun experience. It’s just an experience, yet we got into the haunted house for so long that Earth humans started to forget our true, expansive, beautiful, joyous nature.

I found the hardest for humans to accept is our own power. We have played the game of helplessness for so long, like we are at the beck-and-call of some force outside of us that determines our future, that determines our fate, and in that way we often choose to give up the power to forces that we perceive in darkness to be outside of us.

I imagine the spirit that is our true identity must take great joy in experiencing how powerfully imaginative and creative Earth humans are to come up with such a “haunted house of horrors”. Not only that, the spirit must also take great joy in seeing how we move through the haunted house and come out the exit into the light and then laugh and play and carry on throughout the rest of our day.

Throughout the years, I have visited some haunted houses during Halloween season. I don’t know about you, but I’m at a point that I don’t find building haunted houses and getting lost in them any fun anymore. I’d skip it, and would rather be more drawn to a “house of the Sun.”

Everyone has their own choices, as always. Staying in the house of the Sun, I wish you a Happy Halloween!

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