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Are Subconscious Memory Recall Real?

I always encourage everyone to have a YouTube channel, so that we can all showcase our work, ourselves, our hobbies, and our passion… It’s a place where we can all express ourselves.

I love travelling, and I travel quite a bit. One day, in May 2018, it came to me that I could do a Q & A video everywhere I go, combining two of the things that matter to me, travel and hypnosis, in the platform of YouTube. That was how Subconscious Reconnection, Hypnosis Q & A from Around the World was born.

I made 4 videos before I had another wonderful idea, to hire an animator to animate my little butterfly for the intro and outro. And then to complete it, I hired a perfect musician Garreth Coughlan to match it with his delightful composition.

When I do something, I like to do it well. That said, I don’t wait for the perfect conditions to be right before I put it out there. Thus on my YouTube Channel, you can see this intro starting with Episode 5, as there were already four episodes of Subconscious Reconnection, Hypnosis Q & A before the formality was there.

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