A Piece of Kemila's Mind

A Practical Use of Self-Hypnosis

Note from the hypnotherapy client

She is in her early 80’s. I first met her in my Self-Hypnosis for a Better Life Class. She then came to see me twice for hypnotherapy privately. The second time she came, the charge was $120. She only had $100 with her. So she said she’d drop an envelop off at West End Community Centre where I regularly teach classes.

There was no envelop when I next went to teach.

There was still no envelop the week after. I called her number, no answer, no voice message. I sent a text message to that number, and realized it was a land line.

I thought, “Oh well!”

A few weeks later, she sent me an email – “Kemila Dear, I think I owe you some money… Sorry I’ve been busy moving. I’ll be settled next week and I will drop off an envelop at the community centre.”

The next time I went to teach, the staff there gave me an envelop. Inside there’s a nice handwriting note on a blank sheet of paper. Wrapped in it are three notes, adding up to $120.

I was impressed. How generous she was! One hundred dollars are a big fat tip!

I emailed her an acknowledgement, and said that was more than what I was expecting. – “Were you being generous dear lady?”

She replied saying that was how much she remembered she owed me. “That’s how much you charge on the second session, was it not? But at this age I don’t trust my memory anymore. If your memory is different from mine, please let me know!”

I replied, “I don’t know whose memory is better on this but I did remember it differently. Why don’t you use Self-Hynosis techniques and recall it again?”

One day later, she replied, “I went to Self-Hypnosis as you said Kemila. And I think I only owed you $20! Is that correct?”

I was happy to give her back $100.

What do you think?