It’s easy to go into a new year with big plans. After all, a sense of renewal is in the air, from the calendar to nature to people’s moods. Maybe this is the year you’ll finally get a personal trainer, go vegetarian, stop that old habit, finish your manuscript, learn Spanish, or put your artwork out there.

But resolutions almost always fail. The reason is that the strong desire to get something done is not sustainable enough. No matter how much you want it badly, there are subconscious skills involved actually to get you there. Without those skills, you may end up beating yourself up and blaming yourself for not having enough “willpower.”

But we all know that willpower is something that is always there when we don’t need it. And rarely there when we actually need it.

When the subconscious mind is engaged, you may not need much of the quality of willpower – Energetically speaking, this word carries a heavy energy of “hardship.” Just like when you enjoy your time and yourself, you don’t need much of the quality of “patience.”

So, if your plans in the past included “seeing a hypnotherapist” and you procrastinated that, at this fresh new start of the year, maybe you can start here, which means you book an appointment with me and then bring with you your other plans or resolutions to the session. Knowing you are probably pretty good as you are at the decision- or resolution-making level already, let’s engage your powerful subconscious mind for the ride in 2024 to fulfill those big plans finally.

Let’s kick off 2024 with lightness, wholeness, and even calmness.

For your convenience, in the calendar below, make your first appointment directly:

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