Your Soul’s Plan

Friday evening, 8:45 pm, I was still in the office, waiting for yet another client to show up. It was a long day, but my client sounded urgent when she called me at noon. She said she only needed one hour. I let her squeeze into my calendar.

She came in 11 minutes late at almost 9 pm. “Friday downtown traffic was very heavy.” She apologized. We got right to the point.

“The main thing, this time,” My 26-year-old client caught up with her breath, “is not that anything particular has happened.”

I gave her a surprised look. That look was genuine. In the past, she always had something particular and urgent happened: Her boyfriend threatened to leave. Her friends decided not to talk to her anymore. An embarrassingly shameful event that she didn’t know how to process…

My client was clearing her throat, “… I’m just… feeling so tired of my racing thoughts. I don’t like myself because I don’t have what I want…” She continued on with some examples, who did what and who said what… I noticed her speech went faster and faster as she went into more and more details. I stopped her.

“It looks like the part of you that doesn’t like yourself is talking now. If I let you continue, I’m afraid that part is unconsciously seeking justification so that I can make sense of why you don’t like yourself, and then I would join the party of not liking you.” I looked at her big beautiful eyes, and continued, “That, I refuse to do, so I stopped your narrative.”

My client was obviously dealing with non-stop tormenting thoughts. And she believed in them. Those thoughts appear to arise within us, but they are all adapted from outside of us. For the limitation of our time, I coached her on how to be uninterested in the thoughts that arise in her awareness. “Like an annoying neighbour keeps knocking on your door. If you don’t like it, you don’t have to engage. Just decide that you are not interested in what they have to offer.”

Our lives are not owned by the inner narratives, even though the narratives like to think or pretend that way. Our souls design our lives. Our life goals were conceived before we even entered the life pattern. No one comes into this reality with a willy-nilly perspective. All feel the pull towards certain energy regardless of how well they are participating.

This physical reality can divert that path. Of course, it’s meant to, and we probably knew that too before we came here. However, the main obstacle to gaining momentum is that we stop listening to the internal voice of the soul, as the narratives from external get louder and louder in our heads.

Getting refocused upon that which is natural personally can reset the perspective needed to continue more successfully.

Most of us when looking for our soul’s purpose tend to focus on the lamentings:

“I’m not free because I have a certain cultural background.”

“I have unsupportive parents.”

“I have a medical condition.”

“I haven’t achieved anything tangible.”

“I am without the means or education to pursue my goals.”

“I don’t really have an identity.”

The list is endless. By choosing to focus on them, it re-enforces the energy keeping the reasons alive. They create a gravitational pull. We all can easily get pulled in. The conditions imposed by others can confuse and bewilder the most advanced of souls.

That’s the time we listen. Truly listen.

Choosing instead to listen to the positive whispers of possibility, one creates who they truly are. Every soul incarnate comes with possibilities. Regardless of what negativity crosses your path, it is important to stay aligned with your positive possibilities. Hold tight to the notion that you are limitless. Hear the wisdom coming from within.

Even though it was many years ago, I will never forget a young artist client of mine. She grew up in a Mormon community with a lot of trauma and difficulties. She wanted a Life-between-Lives regression session, and one of her many questions was, “Why was I born in such a family that I don’t feel a connection?”

In a deep hypnotic trance, her soul answered that question, “When I can love what is unlovable, my love is pure.”

By tapping into your soul’s plan or memory like this, a step towards the true intention of your soul is enabled. It may take a while to loosen the grip of negative thoughts, because you may have practiced them for a long time, but it can and will happen. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of DECIDING that you are not interested in those thoughts that arise in your mind.

Having an awareness of your soul and its diversity will support you as you make the climb. Remember you had a plan coming into this reality. It is limitless in its power and peacefulness. Guided by the outside noises, you will continue to hold onto why you can’t. Guided by your internal wisdom, you can start extending to why you can. Disassociating with the mass consciousness might be a wise choice.

At 10 pm, I was making my way home. Walking down Robson Street, seeing some store window reflections of myself, I tapped into my own soul’s plan, and a little realization came to my mind: I was born looking extremely ordinary. That is how it’s thrilling for me to achieve my extraordinaire.

Lost and found in Cartagena Columbia

Lost and Found in Cartagena Columbia

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