Will I Be…?

It was towards the end of Janet’s fourth hypnotherapy session. We had a few more minutes for her to reorient herself fully and for me to tuck away her file before my next client showed up. Janet was about to stand up, and then she sat back down on the upright recliner. Still, in a trance-like state, she giggled, “It’s so funny now to think about the list of questions I brought with me.”

My hands went down a few pages and pulled out the two sheets of lined paper she had torn from a notebook. I knew she was referring to those two pages of questions. Janet had brought them in with her on her first appointment:

  • Will I be successful in my new career in being a contractor?
  • Will I change careers again? What will I be doing in 12 years from now?
  • Will I meet someone by the end of this year?
  • In a year from now, will I be in a relationship? If so, how did we meet?
  • Will I be married again? If so, will it last?
  • Will I still be married 25 years from now?
  • Will I buy a home in the next year or two?
  • Will that home be a presale or older?

I scanned those questions again with a nod of my head. And I looked at her again, returning her a smile. Janet is in her mid-forties. She was married to her high school sweetheart for over twenty years. But last year, she found out her husband had been cheating on her for over a year. The worst part was he was cheating with her best friend—an overnight double loss for Janet.

Divorce, moving, and changing careers all happened at once. It was too much for Janet, who had been living a “stable” life for a long time. Janet was confused and a little scared. She turned to fortune-tellers to foresee her uncertain future. One psyche reader suggested that Janet do Future Life Progression with a hypnotherapist.

So, when Janet found me, she had her list of questions ready. I told Janet as a hypnotherapist, I would facilitate the experience. The subconscious mind doesn’t know linear time the way the conscious mind processes it. The subconscious mind can access a probable future through its timeless nature. I also told Janet the best way to predict a future was to create one, and that “seeing” a future was for focused clarity today and actions now.

Janet is a very good trance subject, so much so that I commented that she could be an intuitive reader herself. She said funny that I’d say it because the psychic reader had told her the same thing.

As our work deepened, instead of getting all tangled up with the who, what, when, and where of a possible future, I felt it would be more beneficial to connect with Janet’s essence, her own spirit being in its purest state. Janet dropped into an awe-inspiring space where the questions on her list seemed too trivial, even though they seemed to be very important from the human perspective. Janet could see how she had focused on the “wrong priority” for some time. According to her inner wisdom, the best-friend-and-husband affair was not that unthinkable, but she had buried her head in the sand for a long time. She had already outgrown the marriage but didn’t want to break the status quo. In our session, letting herself know what she knew and see what she saw in a broader sense, Janet felt incredibly peaceful and tranquil.

I wrote down a few more points for our next appointment, which Janet wanted to be in a month. “I got so much out of the session today that I’ll need a long time to digest it. Thinking about my original list of questions now, I want to laugh. How naïve I was, only a few weeks ago! Those questions seemed so important then!”

I’m glad for Janet. Anyone could say those nitty-gritty questions about her future are not that important, but when it’s known and understood by herself, it becomes that much more therapeutic. I often marvel at the wisdom and powerful insights of the subconscious mind. All I, the hypnotherapist, need to do is create a bridge between the conscious and subconscious minds. When that is in place, clients like Janet can often speak the wisdom with such clarity that I wished I had recorded her words at the end.

When I expressed that wish, Janet, still on her spiritual high, said, “It doesn’t matter.” She continued, “I just let what I said flow. Since it was unscripted, it doesn’t have to be recorded. It’s in me. What’s more important is not to record it, but to live it now.”

I couldn’t say better than that. I put away Janet’s original questions in her file, wondering what kind of transformation this shift was going to bring to Janet. I suppose I’ll find out in a month.


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