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What Are We Like in 3043?

Tree house

Tree house style close to what’s on Tonika

I felt so “back in time” hours after the hypnosis session with Janet. She had left, and I walked around in the room, looking out of the window, the trees, mountains, passing cars. For a long time, I felt that I was coming from the future, visiting the Earth in 2014, which felt unreal yet a strange sense of fun.

Janet’s description of that future life as John was so vivid that I was surely with “him” in those moments, seeing what he saw, feeling what he felt, smelling what he smelt, and tasting what he tasted.

This was the fifth visit that Janet paid to my office. Janet originally came to see me for opening up her intuition and learning to trust her own intuition. We did past life regressions and a life-between-lives regression. Upon this fifth visit Janet told me she has established an ongoing communication with one particular past life personality who was a courageous black woman. And she’s excited to see her intuition unfold.

Janet and I agreed we’d do a future life progression in this session. As usual, I told her we’d just let her own inner mind take us for the journey. In my work, I find this more effective than if I set the agenda. Again and again I am surprised by how wise one’s inner mind is. And each time I enjoy the ride along.

Janet might go ten years, five years, one year, or a few months into the future in this life, or she might go to a future life. I had no idea. All I knew is that she’d go exactly to where she needed to go at this time.

It turned out to be one of the most fascinating sessions that I’ve had. Normally within the framework of one session, we’d visit one full life from childhood or youth to death. Yet this session, 2 and half hours, we only visited one day in that life as John in 3043.

What a day that is!

Upon opening, Janet felt she was going through a white hallway. After going through the hallway, she finds herself in a nature setting, with a stream, grass, flowers and mountains… very colourful, very bright, very vibrant, so much so it almost looks “perfect”. The sky is purple. I didn’t know what to make of it, so I asked, “In this perfect nature, do you feel anything missing at all?”

“Yeah… People.” Janet giggled. She’s not sure where she is. “Almost like those in-between places.”

I asked her to take a walk through the grass. “You may meet someone there, waiting for you.”

She finds someone behind a tree waving at her. That someone behind the tree has a distinct feature about him – three fingers!

This someone does not talk, but makes noises with his tongue “tica-taca, tica-taca”.

As we go along, Janet starts to know this is another planet that is not as advanced as Earth. And Janet finds herself as a male in that life, John. That being who comes to greet him is a housing engineer. The tica-taca sound language doesn’t work for Janet – that is not something we humans can actually imitate, however they can communicate telepathically. John says he comes to visit them quite often.

The housing engineer takes John to their village. These beings live in tree houses. John helps them design them by drawing blue prints on a piece of glass. Yet John always likes to demonstrate onsite sketching on paper. Those beings are fascinated by John’s paper. The housing engineer shows John the tree houses they’ve built with pride. The Tonika people had millions of tiny little suction cup things on their hands — which allowed them to easily climb trees.

Tonika is the name of the planet with a population of 80,000 inhabitants. It’s a small planet with oceans. They have two suns, one close, one farther away. That may explain the vibrant colours? Asked if they are aware of Earth, they point to one direction in the sky.

An Extraterrestrial from Tonika

As Janet is a graphic designer in this life, during the session, I had her open her eyes, and gave her pen and paper. She then drew the tica-taca by the tree.

After that visit, John goes back to her small ship (more like a flying car?) where his co-worker George is waiting for him. They take off and fly back to Earth through a portal, in which there are swirling colours. Everything stretches out including their faces. George likes to make a face during the portal traveling.

In 20 minutes, they are above the Earth. John has traveled many times this way. Each time he enjoys seeing Earth from above, so blue and so beautiful.

John returns to his office, in time to have lunch. In the cafeteria everything is automatic and service is not necessary but they like to keep it a nostalgic way, so there are still some old-fashioned set-ups.

John’s job is mainly helping other planets develop in the right way, so they don’t have to make the same mistakes that Earth made. When John returns to his office, he checks on a holographic interactive calendar on his desk and tells me this is January 14, 3043, Saturday – “It seems to be usual to work on Saturdays and Sundays. I take Mondays and Tuesdays off.” At this time Earth seems to be a much nicer place to be, less countries. People have learned to work together. It feels as if “Earth has lost its ego”.

John enjoys his work very much, being that he has a lot of interactions with different beings, making friends and being humanitarian. I ask John what he’s going to do in the afternoon, John says, “I’m scheduled to visit another planet.”

Visiting two planets a day? Yet the way John puts it sounds nothing more than from Vancouver going to Coquitlam and Richmond during a workday.

The afternoon planet John’s going to visit is called Naktoka. It takes a little longer to get there. When John and George arrive from a different portal, John says it is very different from Tonika, being the whole planet looks charcoal from above. They are little creatures there. An adult is as tall as a five-year-old on the Earth. Their skin is dark clayish, sort of like elephant’s. Technologically they seem to be more advanced than Tonika. They trade minerals and crystals, which they have plenty, with other planets to receive things to grow plants. They eat bugs and live in caves, as the whole planet is desert like. The condition looks harsh. Their sky is orange.

John’s work here is to help them mine and extract crystals in a safe way.

People on this planet like to hold hands. That’s how they communicate. When they come to meet John, they hold hands with him.

ET from planet Naktoka

Again Janet drew a picture of one of the little creatures stretching out one arm to take John’s hand.

Upon leaving, they present John with a gift – an amber crystal. “It’s an honour for me.” John says. They ask John to take it back and study it, as there might be information of the history of their planet. They are a survival group from a natural disaster, not knowing much of their own history.

John then takes his flying vehicle with George and goes back to Earth. He gives the amber crystal to the lab.

After work, he goes playing basketball.

John takes his own flying vehicle going home. His five-year-old daughter greets him with her drawings. I instruct John to turn on TV and watch the world news. John describes what a TV set is like – Something quite hard for me to comprehend. Climate change makes South America too hot to live. There is a plan to relocate people from there. The news shows that there are some rebellions against it.

It’s dinnertime. I ask John who cooks the dinner. John is amused, “Cooking? It’s just a matter of pushing some buttons and food manifests itself.”

John is having salmon and the daughter is having macaroni and cheese – typical children food, even 1000 years later!

John’s wife works in a hospital so she gets home late. She has the same meal as John, who sits with her while she has her supper and talks about the stress of the day. John himself is very well balanced and composed, just like Janet.

The session time is up and I couldn’t believe we have visited only one day in that life. The material is very intriguing, yet feels so real, as being a graphic designer Janet has this amazing ability to relate details in our sessions.

Maybe I was living in that future time and space too, as on one level I found myself least surprised with the descriptions of the life then and there. Visiting two planets in one workday, that surely sounds like something exciting for me as well.

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