Be Your Integrated Self

Be Your Integrated Self

This audio recording will allow you to live your life less on autopilot and to participate fully and consciously in the here and now. You will see yourself clearly, from outside and inside, so that you can begin to respond to the people and situations in life as they actually are, rather than as pattern matches to events in your past.

Good-bye Panic Attack

Panic attacks don’t normally give you much notice. They can be sudden and unexpected. Regular practice of self-care and self-strengthening, such as sending messages to yourself and using therapeutic imagery, can help you build a “mental and emotional immune system” to help fend off these attacks.

Rainbow Attunement

Surrender to nature’s control of life, and give yourself a moment of colourful relaxation as you follow Kemila’s voice through the vibrancy of the rainbow. The daily stress is drained away and you find yourself more attuned to everything alive. 

Make Change Easy

Learn to build more confidence to create the change you need and face the changes life gives, with Kemila Zsange, who guides you first into a deep bodily relaxation, to release physical tension and stress; then realign your conscious desires with your subconscious motivations, so that you see the changes in a new way and KNOW from your own being that not only can change be easy, but you can also enjoy the journey.