Carol’s Lives

Carol’s Lives

This is a book with three storylines but with the same two souls – in the 1920’s of New York City, in the new century of Vancouver, how they meet again, how they have met, and how hypnotic trances were used for their exploration. These storylines stand alone, yet they cross time and space, weaving into each other in ways that transcend the individual stories, and lead to yet another new dimension. Kemila tells the story from inside out and from outside in, adding her personal courage and professional expertise into the intricacy of the complex, yet simple stories of where two souls meet, the first time and once more.

Past Life Regression: A Manual

This book is a result of guiding many people in my practice through past-life regression sessions where they learn about their past and even future lives. The book answers the questions when to do and when not to do past-lives, and guide you step by step how to conduct a successful and effective Past-Life Regression session. Therefore it is a complete manual for conducting Past Life Regression sessions. To illustrate, the book has a good collection of very interesting stories from my work as examples, along with my own observations and thoughts about them.

Past Life Regression

In this audio, Kemila uses her soothing demeanor and velvety smooth voice to quickly guide you into a deeply relaxed state. The pacing of the session is perfect and spacious, calm and timeless. What shows up can be both surprising and illuminating and can help you connect a piece of a longstanding puzzle and ensure insights.