Metaphysical Experiences with Hypnosis

Metaphysical Experiences with Hypnosis

Recorded with a live audience in October 2018, this total 12-segment, 6-hour workshop is an entry-level of metaphysical experience through hypnosis. You’ll learn how to get to a hypnotic state, from which how to access a higher state of awareness, and learn how to access your higher self, contact spirits, enhance healing abilities, read aura, perform automatic writing, have an out of body experiences… You will also learn the tools to do it on your own.

Good-bye Panic Attack

Panic attacks don’t normally give you much notice. They can be sudden and unexpected. Regular practice of self-care and self-strengthening, such as sending messages to yourself and using therapeutic imagery, can help you build a “mental and emotional immune system” to help fend off these attacks.

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Develop Healing Ability

Every step you’ll be guided to practice metaphysical healing. This is a thorough process of metaphysical healing. While the healing takes place, you will enhance your own healing capacity.