Automatic Writing

Automatic Writing

This used to be part of the Metaphysical Hypnosis program, now a beginner’s guide to automatic writing. We start from the very beginning: The setup, the tools, the time, and the rest you just need to follow the audio.

Goal Accomplishment

As you allow the reality of your goals to sink into your subconscious mind while you drink in crystal clear pure water of your goals, the session unites your conscious goal-setting mind and your subconscious goal-achieving mind at the ground 0, so you remerge and reexpand as a new person, each time you listen to it. 

Make Change Easy

Learn to build more confidence to create the change you need and face the changes life gives, with Kemila Zsange, who guides you first into a deep bodily relaxation, to release physical tension and stress; then realign your conscious desires with your subconscious motivations, so that you see the changes in a new way and KNOW from your own being that not only can change be easy, but you can also enjoy the journey.