Goal Accomplishment

Goal Accomplishment

As you allow the reality of your goals to sink into your subconscious mind while you drink in crystal clear pure water of your goals, the session unites your conscious goal-setting mind and your subconscious goal-achieving mind at the ground 0, so you remerge and reexpand as a new person, each time you listen to it. 

Carol’s Lives

This is a book with three storylines but with the same two souls – in the 1920’s of New York City, in the new century of Vancouver, how they meet again, how they have met, and how hypnotic trances were used for their exploration. These storylines stand alone, yet they cross time and space, weaving into each other in ways that transcend the individual stories, and lead to yet another new dimension. Kemila tells the story from inside out and from outside in, adding her personal courage and professional expertise into the intricacy of the complex, yet simple stories of where two souls meet, the first time and once more.

Future Life Progression

Time does not exist in a broader reality, but it exists in our physical experience. It’s like when you hold a book, the entire book, from chapter 1 to chapter 20, exists in your hand at the same time. The book does not need time to exist, but reading the book takes time. Our inner mind has access to all memories, which means past and future memories are equally accessible in hypnosis.