Science of Manifestation


  • The difference between a goal and manifestation
  • The many ways abundance comes to me
  • How to handle the unexpected on the journey to manifestation
  • How to manifest without attachment
  • Discover hidden beliefs and secondary gain

When one recognizes that manifestation is not just a matter of luck, but is rather something we have all the control, it is a turning point far more important than affirmations and wishful thinking. Indeed, understanding the relationship between your conscious desires and subconscious motivations fulfills the very purpose of your life. Allowing this inner shift is not easy, for it brings up oh-so-familiar doubts and questions that originated long before we were born. However, as you simply use logic and true inner senses to understand the world outside of you is a mirror, manifestation comes to life without effort.

Some tracks have hypnotic suggestions and relaxation, so please don’t operate heavy machinery or driving when listening. The sessions are recorded with a small live audience who offered their real-life examples and participated in the workshop.


1. Definition and Ingredients of Manifestation (39:38)
Starting by imagining an interesting situation, the workshop clears out what manifestation is not, so we define what it is. Participants discussed the three ingredients of manifestation. This session finishes up with an illustration of trusting the unconscious mind, and the science behind it.

2. Setting the Stage for Manifestation (9:19)
In this guided meditation, Kemila guides you to get in touch with your subtle energy body, the unconscious mind, so you can engage that part of you and trust its ability for your manifestation.

3. Trusting the Unconscious (19:36)
After a short Q & A, and percipients share examples of how abundance comes in multiple ways, Kemila guides another meditation: Give the gift of trust to your unconscious mind, which knows how to handle the details of manifestation.

4. The Unexpected and Beliefs (37:42)
A funny thing happened on our way to manifestation. Kemila gives a real-life example to illustrate how to deal with the unexpected events on the journey of manifestation. What is, and what is defined by the mind. Participants present their comments and questions on the guided experiences. We discuss what emotions are and how to flow with them. The power of beliefs. Finding hidden beliefs in emotions. A group magnetizing exercise to help each with our manifestations.

5. What We Want and What We Think We Want (38:55)
What we say we want to manifest … may be a stepping-stone to what we truly want. The means: to get what we first want may get us distracted. Stories are used to illustrate what we can do when what we want does not unfold. How do we manifest without attachment? What does it mean to manifest here and now?

6. A Trip into a Parallel Reality (10:25)
A guided journey into a parallel reality where you are living the manifestation. Engage the powerful subconscious mind to tap into the parallel reality to manifest here and now.

7. Seven Steps of Manifestation (29:01)
In the seven steps, manifestation unfolds. During the process, how do we deal with doubt, overthinking, the idea of lack, self-sabotage, and deserve-ability? How do we find the subconscious hidden agenda and secondary gain?

8. A Tour to Your Manifestation Garden (19:37)
A hypnotic guide to the magic manifestation garden. Write down your intentions, let go of the doubts and fears and release the blocks, and experience your desires. This track alone can be used repetitively for years to come.

9. Comments and Closing (7:55)
Participants provide examples, questions and final comments to bring the program to the end. Final note: How to integrate all of the self for a true manifestation.