Past Life Regression

Journey Through Time and Space

Have you ever traveled to someplace you’ve never been before and been overcome by feelings of déjà vu? Do you have any irrational fears that you can’t seem to explain? Are you wondering if you have a soul mate, and whether or not you’ll ever meet him or her?

These feelings and others may be related to events that happened in a past life. Past-life memories can be the key to unlocking the secret fears and motivations that may be hindering your progress in your current life. Everyone can benefit from a past-life regression, regardless of your beliefs. Questions can be answered and insights gained from this journey into a world of possibilities.

In this audio, Kemila uses her soothing demeanor and velvety smooth voice to quickly guide you into a deeply relaxed state. The pacing of the session is perfect and spacious, calm and timeless. What shows up can be both surprising and illuminating and can help you connect a piece of a longstanding puzzle and ensure insights.