Past Life Regression: A Manual

For Hypnotherapists to Conduct Effective Past Life Regressions

This book is a result of guiding many people in my practice through past-life regression sessions where they learn about their past and even future lives. The book answers the questions when to do and when not to do past-lives, and guide you step by step how to conduct a successful and effective Past-Life Regression session. Therefore it is a complete manual for conducting Past Life Regression sessions. To illustrate, the book has a good collection of very interesting stories from my work as examples, along with my own observations and thoughts about them.

Click to view the entire Table of Content

Click to view the entire Table of Content

This book is suitable for hypnosis professionals and interested members of the general public, as it is full of scripts and reveals detailed step-by-step methods.

Clear, concise and above all practical. A valuable resource for professional hypnotists and for those who want to know what to expect during a Past Life Regression Session.

Stephen F. from Amazon

Hi Kemila, I’m enjoying your book and using it to prepare for working with a client tomorrow. You have an excellent style, and I appreciate your insight.


Jim Colton

Zsange presents an outpouring of script-nuggets for the practiced PLR therapist, and touches on so many brilliant concepts in this text. It is a book filled with rabbit holes, and I wish you joy and wellness in falling down each of them with your patients!
Paige T. from Amazon review

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