Metaphysical Experiences with Hypnosis

Recorded with a live audience in October 2018, this total 12-segment, 6-hour workshop is an entry-level of metaphysical experience through hypnosis. You’ll learn how to get to a hypnotic state, from which how to access a higher state of awareness, and learn how to access your higher self, contact spirits, enhance healing abilities, read aura, perform automatic writing, have an out of body experiences… You will also learn the tools to do it on your own.

As a home study course, when you hear that the participants are asked to observe each other’s energy level, such as aura, you can observe an item in your room, for example, a house plant.

Some tracks have hypnotic suggestions and relaxation, so please don’t operate heavy machinery or drive when listening. The sessions are recorded with a live audience who asked questions and offered their real-life examples in the participation of the workshop.

1. Course Introduction (06:54)
What are covered in the process of the sessions. How you can use a hypnotic state for your benefits.

2. Foundation for Metaphysical Hypnosis (19:05)
What are the four main functions of the conscious mind, and what are the four main functions of the subconscious mind? What is the definition of hypnosis? What are the components of hypnosis? Kemila puts emphasis on the less understood unconscious mind and uses unique analogies to illustrate it.

3. Create a Hypnotic State (21:02)
Learn and practice a simple self-hypnosis technique to create muscle tension first, before you go into a trance. After you have learned the skill, Kemila will guide you deeper into the hypnotic state, where you experience physical and mental relaxation, the foundation of openness for inner perceptions. The practice will also help you fall into sleep more easily at night.

4. Access Your Higher Self (39:32)
Understanding the relationship between the physical mind and the higher mind helps us tap into the overall seeing of the higher self, like the relationship between the dreams and the dreamer. After a brief introduction of lucid dreaming, Kemila guides you, using the self-hypnosis technique you have just learned, to get into the hypnotic state, from which you rise above to access the higher self, and discover YOU. You will also learn and practice how to come back to this higher and healing state on your own.
The guided journey starts at about 5-minute.

5. Discussion and Q & A (17:33)
Participants share experiences and ask questions from the previous segment.

6. Enhance Healing Ability (40:14)
Where attention goes, energy flows. Kemila guides you first to feel into your body, and stay inside the body, before we go into the hypnotic state again by practicing the self-hypnosis technique you’ve just learned. From there you rise above to the higher plane, where you awaken and practice your healing ability, for a real person, remote or not, in real-time. The session is followed by emotional sharing from the live audience.

7. A Guided Out of Body Experience (29:01)
With the guidance of Kemila’s voice, practice how it feels to be inside and outside of the body. Through the contracting and expanding, we explore the close surroundings, and eventually, we go to explore the cosmos.

8. Autogenic Process (10:47)
In the live seminar, this was the beginning of the second week. Kemila starts the session with a guided autogenic process experience, to help you turn inward and have a body awareness to set the tone for the rest of the sessions.

9. Reading Aura (30:13)
After a brief review of how to do the autogenic process, and Kemila giving an example of using it for her dentist visit, the session proceeds with aura reading guided experience. Class participants are asked to read each other’s aura in a trance. When you use it for your home study, find an object in the room to practice with.

10. Connecting with Spirit Guide (52:16)
The segment starts with a discussion and previous experiences with spirit guides. Then you will be guided into a trance state where you will rise above to connect and communicate with your guides. Kemila answered questions from the participants.

11. Channelling Demo (31:40)
In this segment, Kemila guided a volunteer into a state of channelling in the class. Andrew, channelled by Andrea, delivered messages on the group and individual levels.

12. Automatic Writing (38:49)
Have a book (any book), a pen and a writing pad ready for the next exercise, as you’ll be guided into a trance to practice automatic writing, learning with your muscle memory how it feels like to have the writing hand have a life on its own.