Many Blessings Will Come

Tales of Recovering Inner Commitments, Gifts, and Wisdom Through Hypnotherapy

This is Kemila’s latest book published in August 2022.

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Kemila Zsange book

Is the soul multidimensional?
What memories lay dormant deep in the recesses of our minds?
Can hypnosis serve to heal wounds from the past and awaken your true self?

Many Blessings Will Come answers those questions and many more in its 20-plus stories of enchanting journeys of self-discovery and inner knowing across space and time. Over her 10-year practice, Canadian hypnotherapist, Kemila Zsange has curated a beautifully inspiring anthology of the cathartic past- and inter-life regression experiences of her clients. Each story and regression capture the sometimes-rocky, recovery of inner commitments; the blessing of uncovering inner gifts and wisdom, and the spiritual awakening in remembering who we really are.

“Through case stories, Kemila Zsange, RCCH takes the reader on an intimate journey into healing through hypnotherapy, past life regressions, and in-between life memories. With clear explanations and deep empathy, the author captures our hearts and attention with engaging accounts. Highly recommend for those curious about spiritual regressions and the healings that can occur.”

– Heather S. Friedman Rivera

“Although some people are skeptical of past life regressions and hypnotic techniques to induce them, sometimes we need to consider new paradigms. Even skeptical therapists may facilitate past life regressions when requested because they find that even if the PLR was a fantasy or a memory channeled from the ‘other side’, it usually benefited the client. You will find some of the case summaries in Kemila’s book are truly amazing.”

– Roy Hunter, DAPHP, DIMDHA, Published Author, Hypnosis Instructor

“The blessings and answers are already here, waiting to be discovered. Kemila Zsange’s third book Many Blessings Will Come is a testament to her inspired approach to hypnotherapy, her brilliant talent as a storyteller, and her unending willingness to dive deep into the abyss of the subconscious mind. This book, written with compassion, grace, sensitivity and eloquence, is sure to move the soul of anyone who has a desire to open their minds and explore possibilities of their consciousness in this wild ride we call life.”

– Korë Jackson

“With a treasure trove of fascinating past life stories, Kemila paints a lucid map of soul journeys, each shining with wonder and intrigue and merging into a river of light and wholeness. ”

– Bei Linda Tang, author of Navigate Life with Dreams

“Kemila’s soothing and reassuring guidance takes us on a spiritual journey through other planes of existence to unveil the complex nature of the Soul experience. A humble yet eloquent portrayal of painful human quests makes an easy and enjoyable read for everyone who strives to grasp the complexity of their Soul’s journey.”

– Alexander Formos, poet, author of The World of Holly

Many Blessings Will Come is a blessing in itself. Each client’s journey into, between and through lifetimes is captured in colourful detail and curated by Kemila’s discerning and signature ‘curious eye’. While mining the wisdom residing in the lifetimes of each of her clients, although it was primarily for them, I found that it has simultaneously provided insight for me, the reader, as I make sense of and learn about my own experience. It will be of interest to professionals in this field and laypeople alike.”

– Lucca Hallex