A Piece of Kemila's Mind

Many Blessings Will Come

Tales of Recovering Inner Commitments, Gifts, and Wisdom Through Hypnotherapy

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Stories told from other times

Is the soul multidimensional?
What memories lay dormant deep in the recesses of our minds?
Can hypnosis serve to heal wounds from the past and awaken your true self?

Many Blessings Will Come answers those questions and many more in its 20-plus stories of enchanting journeys of self-discovery and inner knowing across space and time. Over her 10-year practice, Canadian hypnotherapist, Kemila Zsange has curated a beautifully inspiring anthology of the cathartic past- and inter-l ife regression experiences of her clients’. Each story and regression capture the sometimes-rocky, recovery of inner commitments; the blessing of uncovering inner gifts and wisdom, and the spiritual awakening in remembering who we really are.