Journey into Past Lives


  • What does it take to have a successful past life regression experience?
  • How do we experience past life regression as individuals?
  • What happens when an unwanted shows up in a regression?
  • 3-segments of guided experiences
  • Answers to questions that change your perceptions

This workshop was recorded in January 2022 with a group of live participants. It contains three different guided hypnotic experiences, group sharing and discussions, questions and answers. Kemila started by giving some examples of how people have experienced past life regressions, what it takes to have a successful past life regression, and what it entails in the experience. Kemila then guides you to a favourite place to learn how you take in impressions before past life regression experiences begin. Questions include: How many lifetimes do we have? Do we reincarnate as a fairy or an animal? Do we have other planet lifetimes? What do we do when we jump into another lifetime when you ask us to the next moment in that same lifetime? What happens when we don’t see anything? Do we connect with our soul family? What is karma? What if someone was regressed as a famous person? What is fear and how do we treat it? What is this life’s purpose? What does belief have to do with an experience?

Some tracks have hypnotic suggestions and relaxation, so please don’t operate heavy machinery or drive when listening. The sessions are recorded with a small live audience who offered their real-life examples and participated in the workshop.


1. What is required for a successful past life regression? (24:08)
Introduction of the workshop. What are the functions of the conscious mind and subconscious mind? What does it take to have a successful past life regression experience?

2. Pre-Regression exercise (13:01)
Kemila guides you to a faviourit place where you find out what your primary sense is: visual, auditory, kinesthetic, or cognisant, to prepare for the past life regression.

3. Downstairs and Hallway to a Past Life Experience (47:24)
The first guided experience. We open to what the subconscious mind wants to present to us. The experience is followed by a group discussion and sharing.

4. Age Regression and Blue Mist to a Past Life Experience (23:53)
The second experience is a little less structured. We recall some earlier memories in a teenage year and childhood before we go through pre-birth and a pst life, where we have a focus on relationships.

5. Q & A and discussion (25:02)
Some profound questions are asked by some participants.

6. Tunnel to a Past Life Experience (28:25)
The third experience is yet different from the previous ones. This time we focus more on the exploration of life purpose. Kemila gives suggestions on how you take the workshop further on your own.

7. Final Discussion (27:43)
More questions are asked and insights are gained.