Good-bye Panic Attack

Panic attacks don’t normally give you much notice. They can be sudden and unexpected. Regular practice of self-care and self-strengthening, such as sending messages to yourself and using therapeutic imagery, can help you build a “mental and emotional immune system” to help fend off these attacks.

Inspired by a client’s email, this audio download is made for you to experience your mind’s ability to regulate your body’s response and teach you how you can be in control without trying to control things. Your mind will be given food for nourishment, and your body will be given permission to relax. Mind and body in that depth of inner communication will come together and you will discover ways to elevate your daily experience.

The audio recording has two tracks:

1. Background introduction (03:50)
An email from Kemila’s client at the beginning of April 2020 inspired Kemila into making a recording available for you. Kemila gives a background introduction and some tips that she shared with her client to reduce the chance for panic attacks.

2. Good-Bye Panic Attack (28:42)
A guided experience for frequent use.