Future Life Experience

For the first time ever, when you purchase this product, you’ll get access to a three-hour Future Life Progression class recording, a class that others paid $53 for. And you’ll get them for free as a bonus to this download purchase. 


  • The concept of time
  • Becoming a future self v.s. conversing with a future self
  • Is the future set in stone?
  • Two hypnotic Experiences
  • How do you choose not based on the past by informed by the future?

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Kemila Zsange's Workshop

Recorded with a live audience in February 2022, this workshop is an unusual journey through time and space – to a probable future of yours. In this course, you will be guided into deep trances and experience your future through progression; and see how time is not what you think it is. Physicists believe that all time is simultaneous, and because of that, you have access to your own future self. Please replace “2022” in the audio with your current year when you listen.

This is about growth and experience, helping you now to make proper and wise decisions. Future Life Progression could be useful for motivating you to work towards your goals and you certainly will find yourself in a relaxed state, more inclined to focus on the things you want to achieve in life.

Some tracks have hypnotic suggestions and relaxation, so please don’t operate heavy machinery or drive when listening. The sessions are recorded with a live audience who asked questions and offered their real-life examples in the participation of the workshop.

1. The Concept of Time (12:43)
Introduction of what is covered in the process of the sessions, including two guided experiences. The concept of time. Kemila uses a book to illustrate what causes the experience of time, and the importance of understanding the timeless nature of our true reality.

2. Connect with Higher Self (11:43)
?Kemila tells a story of her experience of swimming with dolphins in Hawaii to illustrate how we can connect with our higher self for direction, to make it easier for us to navigate through our physical journey. A side effect of doing the course would be you feel more connected with your higher self. Future life progression is not a prediction. How you can take the path of least resistance, following the language that your higher self speaks.

3. Loosening up Time (11:39)?
Following by demystification of hypnotism, Kemila guides you to a light trance experience, to a special place, a timeless place, a place without gravity, to loosen up time.

4. Why Are You Here? (09:03)
?Take this opportunity to reconnect with your own purpose for taking this course, as the class participants share theirs.

5. Meeting a Future Self to Offset a Negative Belief (33:35)?
Our beliefs shape our future. Find a belief in you that you’d like to undo or change. See if you’d rather believe something else with this experience. Kemila gives examples of how to come up with a belief you’d rather adopt before we go into a future time travel experience.

6. Sharing and Discussion (28:29)
?In Kemila’s class, participants openly shared their own experiences and feedback. This is a chance to take reference for your own experience. Kemila also shares a client’s Future Life Progression story.

7. Communion with Future Selves (28:07)?
The experience is designed to access your inner options and choices so that you can make informed decisions and choices for your future life now. We will put three options into the experience. Which option speaks to you the most?

8. How Do We Use Information from the Future (20:52)
?How do you take what you have glimpsed through the course? Kemila gives general suggestions moving forward from now. The most important thing for you is to take action to create a future for yourself and let what you have experienced in the course as references and inspirations. Participants share their experiences and Kemila helps the class make sense of what they have experienced and suggested further practices.