Be Your Integrated Self

We all have roles to play, and functions to fulfill. At times it seems that we are many things with many emotions. We contain within us many parts. When we begin to understand the workings of these parts then we can begin to have a unified sense of who we are. And to see ourselves objectively, and recognize our own motivations for who we really are. In a calm and relaxed way, we observe ourselves. We develop a stronger sense of self.

This audio recording will allow you to live your life less on autopilot and to participate fully and consciously in the here and now. You will see yourself clearly, from outside and inside, so that you can begin to respond to the people and situations in life as they actually are, rather than as pattern matches to events in your past.

I absolutely love it! I downloaded this track yesterday and I’ve already listened to it twice: once before bedtime and once during my morning commute today. I can already feel the effects taking over in my subconscious, conscious, and physical world! Thank you Kemila!
– RH