What are the fears about being hypnotized?

Is Hypnosis Dangerous?

Nothing is really dangerous when you know it; but everything can appear dangerous when you don’t know it. Therefore what’s dangerous is ignorance.

How is hypnosis more dangerous than smoking, being over weight, depressed, alcoholic, suffering from chronic pain, addicted to prescription drugs or any number of other issues that millions have found relief for by using hypnotherapy?

By the way, all of those above conditions create a negative “altered state” to one degree or another.

The most commonly held fears of hypnosis include:

• fear of surrendering your will

• fear of divulging secrets

• fear of not coming out of hypnosis

• fear of failing

• fear of acting foolishly

Do you resonate with one or more above? If you have a fear or two about hypnosis, you must be giving more power to hypnosis than necessary.

Surrendering your will

If the will you have is working for you; you will never surrender to anyone; if it’s not working, then what use of it to hold on? Do you know your subconscious has no other interests in mind than protecting you? For example, in the moment of danger, say someone yelling “Fire!” your beautiful conscious mind tends to think and analyze “what is happening”, “who did what”, “whose responsibility it is”, “why now?”… By the time you figured it out, you were probably burnt. In those moments, there’s a voice inside you simply says, “Run!” That’s your subconscious mind. In hypnosis, we open up communication with subconscious mind. And you think your subconscious mind is not going to be there protecting you?

Divulging secrets

Your “secrets” are safe with your therapists. And the secrets you think are so personal may as well belong to the humanity. It’s part of human conditioning. Again your subconscious mind knows exactly what to do to cooperate with hypnotherapist for your happiness and wellbeing if you give it a chance.

Not coming out of hypnosis

Do you ever fear that you won’t wake up in the morning and get out of bed without alarm o’clock? If not, there’s no need to fear that you won’t get out of hypnosis. We go in and out of “trance” or hypnotic state many times a day – When you forget a segment of a trip while driving; when you seemingly got lost in the story of a good book, movie, or television show; when you’re absorbed in a creative activity; and, yes, when you are surfing the Internet…

When you really experience it, the point is not if you are able to come out of hypnosis or not, the “trance” state is so peaceful that you may not to want to “come out of it”. It’s like on weekend mornings you enjoy sleep in.

Fear of failing

Fear of failing in anything will eventually lead you into one thing: That which you fear mostly about. It’s just the nature of our mind. Whatever we focus on, we draw to our life. Fortunately, a well-trained hypnotherapist is an expert on working with fear. We know how to build rapport with fear so fear can simply dissolve.

Fear of acting foolishly

If you have ever seen a stage hypnosis show, you have probably seen a person who appears to be out-of-control. The truth is that those individuals all choose to be in the show and are freely accepting the strange suggestions given because they want to be entertaining. Have you seen a stage hypnotist successfully hypnotize someone who is not volunteering? Do you know that some people would love to do “silly” things even without the help of hypnotist? And don’t we love those individuals who make us laugh? Don’t you think they are having an awful good time when you laugh?

You can freely choose not to accept any suggestions that are not in line with your belief systems or that violate your morals. The job of a hypnotherapist is only to give you helpful, healing, empowering suggestions—never to make you feel or act out of control.

Even though professional hypnotherapists are charged with the duty of serving and protecting you, you can still choose to safeguard yourself before going into hypnosis – You simply set the intention that you will only accept suggestions that serve your highest good and that are within your own belief systems.

Understanding the true nature of hypnosis will help you to feel confident in its use. You can use the hypnotic state to strengthen your own beliefs and you can freely reject any suggestions given to you while you are hypnotized.

Nobody who has tried hypnosis would still hold this fear, so the ultimate fear of this is the fear of unknown. You have to try it to make it a known. Fortunately there are more and more people who have tried hypnotherapy in variety of areas, and who have loved it.

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  1. Well, to act foolishly, not coming out of hypnosis are the signs of weak will power and determination. These persons should definitely go for hypnotherapy to increase confidence and will power. Hypnotherapy is also being performed in clinics to get one free from fears, stress, depression and many more mental conditions.
    Be confident and go for self-hypnosis even, this definitely helps to increase confidence and as it is said that “half knowledge is dangerous”. So go for the complete knowledge of hypnotism and adopt it for the personal benefit.

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