Clear Conscious Thoughts When Dowsing Pendulum

Hexagon Gem Stone Pendulum with silver chain are available for purchase in class at $10.Recently, someone living in London UK sent me an email asking some very challenging questions on accessing his subconscious mind using Pendulum. We went back and forth with a lot of long emails that I will not get into the details in this post. However, one particular correspondence between us may be helpful for those who practice pendulum or dowsing.

Dear kemila,

Thank you for your email and the instructions. In your email, you advised me to start from beginning. I did. Then my problem with pendulum is regarding the the questions that I do not know the answers to them. I applied the trick or the technique you advised me in your email. I closed my eyes and waited some seconds for the pendulum to move but when I opened my eyes I saw the pendulum stationary. Please provide me some methods to enable me to disengage my conscious mind.

Some of your advice was very interesting to me. I had not heard before that we could talk to our subconscious mind like a person sitting in front of us. I now do this every session.

Ms Kemila what is difference between meditation and self-hypnosis that you recommended? I have already purchased a self-hypnosis but I have not tried it yet so please tell me when I should do self-hypnosis.

Apart from my problem, I have seen a lot of video clips from Mr James Randi who tries to prove that dowsing and other psychic abilities are fake and unfortunately, all of the experts in dowsing fail to demonstrate a true and real dowsing in his interviews. What is your comments on this issue? You know, this is very important to me because we believe that dowsing is a miracle.

Thank you.

Kind regards,


Below is my reply.

Dear Patrick,

Both your conscious mind and your subconscious mind are you. Don’t focus too much on disengaging conscious mind. A best decision should be a decision made by both minds agreed. When you start from the beginning, if you already know what the “conscious mind” wants to say as a yes, and as a no, you can talk to your pendulum: “Now I know what the conscious yes moves, it’s time to give me a yes answer from the subconscious mind.” If it moves the same way, maybe your subconscious agrees with the conscious. Isn’t this the best scenario? Why separate them when they want to stay together?

When you closed your eyes and waited till you felt the movement, and then you opened the eyes, the pendulum should be moving – Otherwise how could you feel the movement? It may not be moving with the big, fat swings that you’d like. But that’s a good starting point. When you observe small little movement, talk to you pendulum: “I know you are moving, and you’d like to move more. That’s right. Just keep moving… More and more so. You are doing great.” When you say it stationary, maybe the doubt came in. The best time to stop a doubt is before it happens. Open your eyes and catch the movement and encourage your pendulum to move more.

Meditation and Self-hypnosis create very similar relaxed and focused states in the experience of a person. One of the differences is that the methods to get to that state are different. If you have purchased self-hypnosis, maybe practice that for some days without touching the pendulum. After you know you can create that relaxed (which means no physical or mental tension) state, start using pendulum from that state. Don’t rush to the questions, play with yes-no answers for some days first.

The more you take it easy, the easier the pendulum will be for you.

I have not watched any of James Randi’s videos and I will not do so. Simply because if my interest is in how I can use pendulum for my benefit, I have zero interest in knowing how OTHER people think otherwise. Everything can be “proved” by all the “experts” that it’s working, and that it’s not working. If one person is determined to prove one way, this person WILL find evidences to support that. Dowsing has been around many more years than Mr. Randi’s entire life, and it will probably continue to be around many more years after Mr. Randi’s life.

You believe dowsing is a miracle. If it’s a miracle, it is the same way that a seed growing into a tree is a miracle. In that sense, dowsing is natural. There is nothing mysterious about it – although the entire life is a mystery. Your pendulum has no magical properties on its own. It gives an ideodynamic response, or involuntary muscular response when interacting with the subconscious mind. Your body is part of your subconscious mind. The little micro-muscular twitches in your fingers cannot be perceived directly by you; therefore the pendulum acts as a lever to make something very small turn out very big. That’s why you can access subconscious answers.

The principle is very simple. Getting the reliable consistent response takes time. It’s like learning a new language. You probably can’t study for a couple of nights and wish to speak it fluently.

Keep getting good at it! I know you will.


Unlike Patrick who is far away, if you live in Vancouver area, please join me for the next Pendulum class.

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