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8 Ways to Have a Happier Life with Self-Hypnosis

While I was doing a Past Life Regression class, one participant asked me how one can benefit from Self-Hypnosis, as she knew an 8-week Self-Hypnosis class was coming up in West End Community Centre, Vancouver – The course itself is ongoing.

That sounds like a big question; therefore after giving her a short answer, I decided to write a longer version answer here.

On one hand, Self-Hypnosis is a conscious way to re-program the subconscious mind. On another, we can use trance work to find answers and wisdom within so that we can move forward with more clarity and ease. More specifically, here are 8 ways we can benefit from Self-Hypnosis.

1. Health Benefits. Negative thoughts create stress in the body. That leads to tension and pain. By releasing negative energy and limitations generated by our chronic thoughts through self-hypnosis, bad chemicals can be released which could turn into a disease.

2. Eliminating Bad Habits. “Bad” habits such as smoking, substance abuse and food addictions normally serve as coping mechanism; or tools to hide something else behind with. Self-Hypnosis can help a person feel calmer, and help releasing negative thoughts, clearing negative emotions and limitations. Then it is easy to become free, and eliminating the need for the nicotine or substance.

3. Abundance in all areas of one’s life. Everyone has potential to reach their goals. If you are able to set your goals, you are able to reach them. If you work hard enough yet still find yourself not getting what you ask for, you may subconsciously want something else. Self-Hypnosis help you with clarity of what you truly want, and releasing the limiting beliefs, which are blocks on your way, so you’ll be able to reach the goals with less effort. It includes monetary wealth, great relationships, spiritual connection and physical healing.

4. Accelerating Study. Self-Hypnosis can help a person concentrate and focus in the moment. We can even study in induced trance. It’s extremely good for those who are easily distracted, by external stimulus or internal thoughts. Here’s a full blog post on this subject.

5. Quantum leaping your performances. Self-Hypnosis helps you get in the “zone”, so that you can be at your optimal in performance, either job interview, singing, dancing or sports.

6. End phobias, fears, anxiety and depression. First of all, doing self-hypnosis itself illicit “Relaxation Response” rather than “Fight or Flight response” which we are programmed to react. Secondly, you are gradually reprogramming your mind to better respond to situations.

7. For Better Relationship. Through self-hypnosis, you can build better relationship with yourself. When you love yourself enough, you make it easier for others to love you and appreciate you. There is no guilt that should be involved in love. Self-Hypnosis helps you eliminate guilt so you can love in a fresher way.

8. Enhance Creativity. Creative energy is innate, but we need to access it. Creative flow happens when we slow down the brainwave and get in the zone. Self-Hypnosis is a way to let go and let it flow.

Of course, there are more benefits than what the eight points can cover. Feel free to leave comments and questions below. You still have time to register for the Self-Hypnosis Course.

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    The site style is perfect, the articles is really great : D. Good job, cheers

  1. 01/28/2013

    Hi I was wondering if you guys could share with me some information on Astral Projection hypnosis?

  2. 02/28/2013

    Is it possible to put yourself under self hypnosis by recording what you want and just playing it?

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