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Is Hypnosis Mind Control?

Mind is fascinating, because everybody has one, if not more, yet there’s so much that we don’t know about the mind. Who, except those lucky ones who do nothing else in their life but meditation, can really say that they know 100% of their mind?

We do not know 100% of our own mind, yet we know the mind has POWER. So how can we harness this power if we don not know 100% of it? The mind has memories that we don’t normally have access to. It can be creative beyond our knowledge and imagination. What hypnotherapy does is to use your mind to change your automatic responses. The subconscious mind is in charge of stress response, it is also in charge of relaxation response. It’s all conditioned. So, if we can be conditioned one way, we can be conditioned another.

Here’s an interesting part. Being a hypnotherapist, the most asked question I’ve heard is “Is hypnosis mind control?”

What do you mean by mind control? Mind control by whom? The hypnotherapist? Why would a hypnotherapist particularly want to control your mind while she’s got her own to deal with? Part of the conditioned mind has already taken over control and claimed to be you. That’s why people have the problems they have. Many people ask this question as if their mind was not already being controlled, by the conditioning that they don’t even prefer.

If hypnotherapy helps gain control over your own mind, rather than having yourself controlled by chocolate, cigarettes, drinking, overeating, constant worrying, fear, excessive thinking… is it not a good thing?

With the popularity of the Law of attraction, it’s easy for us to accept the idea that our mind controls our life, but a lot of us seem to have difficulty controlling our mind – Mind controls our life, and we can’t control our mind. What happens is that life gets out of control. Our mind is not necessarily our best friend. Hypnotherapy helps us gain control over our mind. In that sense, it is mind control. And it’s a good thing.

Hypnotherapy slows down the brain waves, putting you into a sort of trance like state, so we have access to memories, to creativity and to inner wisdom, so you can take broader control of your life.

The experience of hypnotherapy itself is one of deep relaxation. Many describe the hypnotic state as a complete and total escape from all physical tension and emotional stress, while remaining completely alert. It is extremely helpful for Stress-produced symptoms such as insomnia, writer’s block; irrational fear or phobia; and Behavioural modification such as smoke cessation, weight loss, nail biting, hair twisting, OCD, etc.

Who you are is much bigger, broader than the conditioned mind. In that calm and peaceful state, you observe your thoughts but you don’t follow. You KNOW you are not controlled by the mind, but instead, you have control over your own mind. When that happens, the brilliant mind can start to serve you fully. What hypnotherapy does is to facilitate or to accelerate the process.

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  1. black hat says:

    Its like you read my mind! You appear to know so much about this, like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home a bit, but other than that, this is magnificent blog. An excellent read.

  2. Mike says:

    Hi thank you for this informative blog. I liked your blog “Is hypnosis mind control”. I am personally agree with you that hypnotherapy can be very useful to control our mind.

  3. Lucinda Matera says:

    Thanks for this – love the info and agree with your perspective. However many others will not, so thanks for speaking up. Well done!

  4. Andrew Pelt says:

    Now thats an amazing post…Thanks! 😀

  5. blouson moncler says:

    Very nice article. I definitely appreciate this website. Continue the good work!

  6. Ian says:

    Thanx for your energy, retain up the great function Wonderful operate. Thethoughts you express are genuinely wonderful.

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