Are There Any Physiological Changes to Hypnosis?

This question came up quite a few times. Normally there are no physiological changes to hypnosis, however, since hypnotherapy works with the subconscious mind, and the body is part of the subconscious mind, it makes since that physically we can respond or react to this line of work.

Besides people using hypnotherapy for improving eyesights, IBS or regulating blood pressure, this post is speaking more of the “side effects” of hypnotherapy. I have made two short videos to answer certain questions such as headache and other physiological responses.

This first video was an answer to a newly certified hypnotherapist’s question: “This past weekend I did a hypnotherapy session for someone and they said they had a headache for almost 2 days after the session 🙁
Is this something you have heard of happening before? I felt so bad, and I hope it wasn’t something I caused.
Safe travels!”

Eight months later, another newly certified hypnotherapist who is also my client reported that after one of our sessions, she had a chain of physiological responses. This video is the answers to her follow-up questions.

Now that’s to say about the mind-body connection!

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