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Obsessed with Obsession

I don’t really read a lot of fictions these days, but when I first listened to the audio book of Ready Player Oneby Ernest Cline, I was hooked. There is something spiritual about this book which makes the exciting story richer and more intriguing.

The author himself must be a fan of pop culture in the 80’s – all those games, movies and music. I’m an immigrant from China in 2002 so I barely had any background of those games, movies and music, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying this book. That’s fascinating. In fact, I never played any electronic games in my life but still it didn’t stop me from fully enjoying this books about games.

This book paints a beautiful picture of obsession.

What amused me is that I keep thinking about myself living this life as, indeed, an avatar, in a game. The player is my soul. I’m here on this planet earth in this journey to explore myself. My Ester Egg hunting game is for the realization that I AM immortal. To achieve it, it’s a question of how to maintain a relationship with my soul, energetically – She who’s behind the computer, having the access of the eternal at her fingertips – and decode the language of my soul, learn how to listen, and align to her intentions, so I don’t get lost in this world, in which I constantly feel like an outsider.

What’s important in this game of life? To find the copper, jade, and crystal keys? To locate the Ester Egg? To become multi billionaire?

The book ended when Wade acquired all of those.

Because what’s important in any game is to PLAY.

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  1. Murtha S says:

    Always follow your heart.

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