An Advanced Self-Hypnosis Book

 Self Hypnotism was the first hypnotism book I ever bought, during a Vancouver Public Library book sale some years ago. At that time, I didn’t know anything more than anyone else about hypnotism. I just saw the cover, intrigued by the title, and bought it, 25 cents. The book was published many years ago (first edition in 1964?) and the used book looked old. I started to read the first couple of chapters and that was it…

It was not until years later, after my inner hypnotist was fully awakened and I went through certification course, started full time practice and started to teach Self-Hypnosis class, that I took this book from the shelf and opened it again.

I laughed when I saw my own mark “?!?!?!” beside these words “Some physicians familiar with hypnosis are convinced that there is in the subconscious an actual memory of being born. Some even believe there can be prenatal memories.” I recalled how shocked I was when I read it, and at the same time how excited I became! Little did I know then very soon I would frequently take people into prenatal memories. Life is full of surprises!

It feels so awesome to live my excitement.

One reason I like about this book is that it has its emphasis on psychological causes on conditions. Unlike today’s many other self-hypnosis books, which contain little more than a bunch of self-suggested affirmations, this book goes deeper.

There are two ways to do self-hypnosis. One is that we give ourselves autosuggestions, or you can say planting seeds to subconscious mind, or you can also say reprograming our mind… It’s a taking-in process; another is that we draw memories, insights, wisdom and resources from subconscious mind, in another word, it’s an uncovering method, drawing-out process. LeCron’s book has an emphasis on the latter. He offers physical, emotional and psychological aspects and provides many clinical examples, which are very insightful and fascinating.

I also like how the information is laid out. It teaches you the uncovering techniques first, such as finger signal, pendulum,  and automatic writing, and the applications of them later. The writing style is quite warm and welcoming. It is certainly more advanced than a lot of other self-hypnosis books.

Maybe that’s why subconsciously I waited till now to finish reading it?

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