Alien Abduction Hypnosis and Alien Encounters

Abductions, Encounters, Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy – Have I been abducted by aliens?

Alien or ET abduction starts often when a person is very young. Some call this close encounter of the fourth kind, CEIV.

Even though there might be an agreement of doing this on another level, the experience itself may still be very unusual and even scary to the person when it happens, because the physical mind can’t make sense out of it. Forgetfulness is part of the game.

The experience begins most often when the person is at home in bed and most often at night, though sometimes abductions occur from a car or outdoors. There is an intense blue or white light, a buzzing or humming sound, anxiety or fear, and the sense of an unexplained presence. A craft with flashing lights is seen and the person is transported or “floated” into it. Once inside the craft, the person may be subjected to various medical procedures, often involving the removal of eggs or sperm and the implantation of a small object in the nose or elsewhere. Communication with the aliens is usually by telepathy. The abductee feels helpless and is often restrained, or partially or completely paralyzed.

In hypnosis, some of these experience recalls are very clear and personal with great and extremely descriptive details. Others may only have a general sense. Many cases are what one might describe as Gray, about four feet high, with a slender body and neck, a large head, and huge, black, slanted, almond-shaped eyes. They are reported to do examinations, extracting female eggs and male sperms, insert implants, and conduct physical healing.

How do You Know You May be Abducted?

Besides a “sense”, or “dream of UFOs or aliens”, if you have the following signs or symptoms, you may have been contacted.

  • missing time. This is one of the most telling signs.
  • Sleep disorders. This might be your subconscious way to protect you.
  • Waking up during the night or in the morning with unusual bodily sensations such as tingling, numbness dizziness heaviness and paralysis, accompanied by disorientation.
  • Nightmares and/or dreams of UFOs and/or aliens
  • Unexplained physical marks: scrapes fine red lines, little scooped out marks, bruises
  • Unexplained healing
  • a sunflower-shape bump under the skin. It moves around when touched. This indicates an implant. It may have no sensation; however, when activated, it may tingle or buzz.

What Types of ET/Aliens are There?

As we said earlier, they typical ones are grays. During my client work, I’ve also met with my clients mantis type, insectoid, pure white (very tall and thin), and reptilian type. There are many different kinds of ETs with different agendas.

It’s true that some reptilians create fear, anger and chaos in us. They feed on those. I have encountered more than once in regression work. Here’s one client case file releasing reptilian entity.

For most people, all they remember in the experiences is the fear and pain, which can easily be reflected in our movies and TVs – the same way our medias portray wild animals as brutal and human-eating savages. With memory recall and the help of conscious understanding, one can realize there is no need to harbour unconscious fear and pain.

Is the Experience Trauma?

In my hypnotherapy regression work, very rarely the abductions are perceived benign. Often times abductees feel that their interactions with the Greys are simply bad. Thus a lot of people would come to see me describing that as traumatic experience.

With further communication, it seems to me, however, Greys simply do not know how to interact with emotionally complex human beings. They do not see their activities in the negative light that we associate with captured guinea pigs used for experimentation. The Greys themselves seem to lack emotional flexibility, so it’s possible that they treat humans in a way comparable to how they treat themselves.

Find out if You Have Hybrid Children

Another way hypnotherapy can help one is to find out if you have hybrid children, which is often a result of abduction. The hybridization project, mainly done by grays, has been going on for a few decades now. It all had to do with their planet earth in another parallel reality being destroyed because they had developed so much in technology and intellect that they have bred out all the emotional capacities, and thus lost re-productivity. The hybrid children, raised on the crafts, may come to contact us during our dreams, or when we are in altered states, such as hypnosis. The more we become who we really are, the easier it is to allow the contact to happen. After all, they are our children.

Some of us do have a sense of something more is going on than our ordinary life. Some only remember a few moments at the beginning of an experience; yet our soul retains all the memories. It’s up to us to access them. Playing heart connecting game is a way to play with your ET kids.

Eventually these hybrids are bred with another human… till they are human enough to live on earth. I have many clients tell me that a few decades from now our earth will have many of them living among us.

Typical Characteristics of Human Hybrids

Depending on which ET species a hybrid is a part of. They normally have the following characteristics.

  • Blood type: Some different ingredient and different component
  • Low blood pressure
  • Low body temperature
  • Head is a little larger
  • Eyes are bright and sparkling with colorful iris
  • Body is small
  • Not a lot of change in expression
  • One organ may not be where a usual organ is: an extra rib? an extra toe? or fewer toes and fingers?
  • Very smart and quick brain power
  • intuitive and psychic with heightened senses
  • a sense of a mission that they are called to do
  • shape shifters: They change face skin texture, pupil vertical slits

Hypnotherapy and How it Can Help with Abduction

Are these experiences “real” or “imagination”? As a hypnotherapist, I don’t know. What I know is, even though it’s imagination, it has to come from somewhere. And why would imagination not be real? What’s important is that, from many cases that I’ve worked with, it seems to help with the individuals resolving deep-seated fears, and as a result, lose weight and get happier in their life.

Through regression analysis, hypnotherapy works on the unconscious mind and helps to recover lost and suppressed memories often in very good detail. This in itself can give an individual much greater insight into their personal experience and their life journey.

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of working through these experiences. In a safe and secure environment, have a close look at the experience. If you believe you have had an close encounter or an abduction experience then maybe I can help.

As a time-space travelling hypnotherapist, there is nowhere I’m unwilling to go, because in my professional practice there is no fear of unknown, only curiosity. Fear doesn’t exist but in our imagination because of misunderstanding or lack of information. Human minds associate what’s unknown to fear; therefore bringing truth to any situation is the way to freedom.

When is the Best Time to Seek Help?

People with this types of experience, they have a lot to think, and a lot to deal with.

First of course, you want to know.

You want to know what has really happened and what was or maybe still is going on. The pieces of memories or flashbacks have been bugging you for a while. The anxiety and other weird feelings have started to impact your daily life and work. And you can’t talk too much with your friends and family. They will probably think that you are crazy.

And you research, and feel you can use some help in hypnosis, because if these kinds of weird things dared to happen, you should dare to know, right? But wait, will knowing make it worse? Maybe it’s more scary to know than not to know? Maybe, on the second thought, you are better off not knowing what happened?

After working with many people in person and over Skype, I can confidently say things can only get better after you deal with it. The unknown is the most scary part. As long as it remains unknown, it has power over you. Bringing to the conscious awareness with the help of a caring professional always opens up that broader sense of understanding, therefore peace.

Read a case file of an ET abduction, how fear has manifested in his weight gain, and how two hypnotherapy sessions have helped him put all the puzzle pieces together.

Here are more blog posts on this topic.

Please notice everything you say is true for me as I fully understand it is true in your experience. And I automatically take whatever you say as full honesty. You do not need to convince me that your experience was true for this to work. And I do not judge anybody. My job is to facilitate memory recall in the most truthful way. I do not have any bias towards any belief systems.

So if you’d like to come to terms with your experience, Email me today. Skype sessions are possible and can be as effective as in-person sessions. Or you can use the following calendar links to schedule a time.

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